Ways To Personalise Your Gifts

by ameline

Finding the perfect gift for that important person in your life can be a little tough. The best gift is one that you put a lot of thought and dedication into. A personalised gift is the best way to show how much your gift recipient means to you, especially when it’s customised with all their favourite things. Want to know all the different ways to personalise your gifts? Giftano is here to save the day! We’ve curated a list of the best personalisable gift ideas so you don’t run out of ways to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones!

1. Create your own wrapping paper!

father and son creating customised wrapping paper with potato stamps

Put your own touch of love when you create your own wrapping paper to personalise gifts with! Grab some stamps and ink, and start stamping designs on any paper of your choice. Want to make it an even more unique gift? Print out your gift recipient’s favourite images, a photo you both cherish, or even a meme to wrap your gift with. 

It shows how well you know them, which makes for an even better gift with extra sentimental value! Look out for awesome wrapping styles you can try out including these 5 creative gift wrapping ideas.

2. Go wild with the packaging!

wrapping gifts with flowers and leaves

Create a gift that’s unlike any other when you take up the wrapping yourself. 

Out of wrapping paper? Place your gift in a coloured box and top it off with decorative flowers, bows, washi tape and more for a stunning look. Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be fancy. Sometimes, just knowing the amount of effort and thought put into making a gift unique and one-of-a-kind is the best way to show your love.

Another great way to personalise your gift for someone is to decorate with natural elements! Recycle a brown paper bag and add some finishing touches with drawings, adding some leaves, dried flowers or even a cinnamon stick for Christmas gifting!

3. Add a handwritten note

The best feeling in the world is getting to know that you are loved. Send that love to someone you care about with a handwritten note! Pour your heart out and write all about how much you treasure their presence and how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

If you feel like adding a funny spin to your message, check out our list of fun messages to write!

4. Choose personalisable gifts

personalised mugs and tray gift

Looking for unique ideas for anniversary gifts or farewell gifts for colleagues? There’s nothing more personal and special than a personalised gift!

One of the ways to personalise your gifts include choosing gifts that offer personalisation and customisation options to add a personal touch to your gift. One of the best gift ideas for your other half includes a Custom Portrait, a matching Couple Marble Mug Bundle, or a personalisable floral balloon arrangement. For your colleagues who are taking a leap of faith, wish them luck on their next job with a personalised notebook and lanyard set with their names or initials lovingly embossed on it. 

5. Create your own gift masterpieces

When a gift is handmade, it shows that you took the time and effort to create something truly unique. DIY gifts are also great for any occasion when your wallet seems a little worse for wear. 

Use your crafting knowledge to create custom jewellery, knitted scarves, paintings, leather wallets and more for your loved ones. Personalised gifts such as these are sure to impress anyone with the amount of love you put into it! 

Not a single DIY bone in your body? Crafting workshop gifts like the Glass Bead Making Workshop For 2, Wheel Throwing Experience For 2 and Bifold Wallet Workshop let you experience and create a masterpiece with them! It’s one of the best ideas for gift personalisation that you can give while reaping the benefits of joining in too!

6. Add their favourite things

Show off just how well you know your gift recipient by upgrading their gifts with their favourite things! 

For example, you might want to wrap the gift in their favourite colours, patterns or designs. Got a friend who is an animal lover? Add an adorable animal plushie to their gift. Love flowers? Complete the gift personalisation with their favourite floral bouquets!


Here at Giftano, we aim to make the gifting process a smooth journey for everyone. We hope this list of customisable and personalisable gift ideas was helpful in your search to surprise those you love with the perfect gift. Don’t see anything you like? Search for more unique gift ideas on Giftano, from exquisite dining experiences to premium spa treatments, popular retail shopping gift cards to same-day flower deliveries and many more!

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