Best Restaurant Gifts in Singapore


Singapore has a wide spectrum of fantastic restaurants. That’s why a restaurant gift card is a great gift for people that appreciate culinary art, or simply just enjoy good food, drinks and laughter in a good company. To make it easy for you, we have shortlisted of some of our most popular partnering restaurants.

Delight someones palate with a dining experience at one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. This modern Australian barbecue offers casual dining with countertop seating. Each seat allows guests to look directly into the open kitchen, where a custom built four tonne, dual cavity ovens and three elevation grills are installed to provide the best smoke-touched dishes Singapore has to offer. So, get someone prepped for a smokey night and meaty morsels at Burnt Ends!

Perhaps it is for the decor that oozes authentic Greek restaurant, or for its impeccable Greek food (or both!), that makes Blu Kouzina to one of our customers most popular pick in terms of restaurant gift cards. With clean lines paired with the iconic blue and white colours of Greece, one will no doubt feel like they’re on a short retreat away from home. Go for a food adventure and indulge those tastebuds to Blu Kouzina’s ever-changing seasonal dishes.

When you want to give someone a unique dining experience, it has to be NOX – Dine in the Dark! Let someone experience gourmet food in complete darkness. A great place for foodies that want to challenge each other to see whom has the best taste buds, or for the loving couple that want to go for an extraordinary dinner date without distracting stimulus. Its warm and welcoming blind and visually impaired staff are happy to share about their lives and give insight to diners in how life is for a blind person. This makes it to a very thoughtful gift and so much more than just a dining experience.

Know someone who wants to travel but can’t do so right now? Treat them to experience sensational European hospitality with Garibaldi Italian Bar & Restaurant. Savour the taste of traditional Italian dishes made with ingredients imported from Italy, while soaking in the contemporary yet elegant atmosphere. If you can’t bring them to Italy, you can bring Italy to them instead. They’ll surely thank you for it especially if they’ve never dined in a Michelin Star restaurant before.

Introduce someone to the taste of Basque Country with UNA, recently re-located at the Alkaff Mansion. In a spot brimming with history, it only makes sense for one to experience the tradition of Basque cuisine as well. By incorporating and embracing both the new and old, UNA’s menu is an absolute pleasure to discover. Make it a memorable dining experience for someone by allowing them to immerse in the ever-vibrant Spanish food culture, filled with intense flavours of every kind.

Splurge on someone else and treat them to some good food and an even better view. Located at Fullerton Pavillion, this glass dome on the waters of Marina Bay offers an impressive and breathtaking panoramic view of the city skyline. With a view like that, Monti’s impressive array of Italian cuisine is not to be overlooked either. From its handmade pasta to its freshest seafood dishes, dining at Monti is sure to be an enjoyable affair while delighting all five senses.

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We are sure that no matter whom you gift these to, they will have a great time at our partnered merchants. Nothing like an exciting gift and lovely lunch or dinner to bring up their spirits! Personalise gifts with a sweet message for your gift recipient to tell them how important they are to you.

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