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Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers for Your Date!

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Valentine's Day flowers

Sending Valentine’s Day flowers is a classic expression of love, and it’s timeless for a reason. The right floral bouquet is not only visually stunning but also carries sentimental value, often symbolising meaningful messages associated with important relationship milestones. While choosing Valentine’s Day flowers is a romantic no-brainer, deciding on the perfect bouquet poses a delightful dilemma — do you stick with the traditional red roses, or explore alternative blooms that convey the message your heart desires?


And that’s precisely why we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day! Read on to find the best Valentine’s Day gift for your bae!


  1. Roses
  2. Sunflowers
  3. Tulips
  4. Gerberas
  5. Orchids
  6. Carnations
  7. Lilies

Roses for Valentine’s Day

Bouquet of red roses

For many, Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without the timeless beauty of roses. This iconic flower serves as a symbol of passionate and romantic love, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to express the deep affection that you have for the love of your life.


However, the significance of a Valentine’s Day bouquet shifts with the number of roses it features. Here are some commonly recognised meanings based on the quantity of red roses in a bouquet:


  • 3 red roses — I love you
  • 6 red roses — I wanna be yours
  • 7 red roses — I’m infatuated with you
  • 12 red roses — Be mine
  • 24 red roses — You’re always on my mind
  • 50 Roses — I love you unconditionally
  • 99 Roses — I’ll love you till the day I die
  • 100 Roses — I’ll love you for a hundred lifetimes

Giftano offers a variety of options, ranging from bouquets of 3 to 100 roses, all available with free same-day or next-day delivery!

Sunflowers for Valentine’s Day

Sunflower bouquet

Sunflowers earned their name because they, quite literally, follow the sun! These vibrant blooms thrive in sunlight, absorbing every bit of invigorating vitamin D, and their radiant presence mirrors the sun, ideal for brightening anyone’s day.


Beyond being a delightful pick-me-up, sunflowers make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts. They symbolise loyalty and adoration, and a sunflower bouquet can convey joy, energy, and good luck to your loved one.

Uplift their spirits and convey your adoration with a striking sunflower bouquet, now conveniently available with free same-day or next-day flower delivery on!

Tulips for Valentine’s Day

Tulip bouquet

Available in the most stunning shades of pinks, purples, reds, and more, tulips are undeniably captivating. What adds to their charm is the profound meaning they hold — next to the rose, the tulip might boast one of the most deeply romantic meanings, symbolising a perfect and everlasting love.


However, it’s crucial to choose carefully! The colour of tulips holds the key to their meaning. Red tulips express passion and romance, pink tulips are associated with happiness and affection, and purple tulips signify royalty, nobility, and elegance — ideal for someone deserving the royal treatment this Valentine’s Day.

Find an extensive range of tulip bouquets in all sorts of eye-catching colours on, and enjoy free same-day or next-day gift delivery!

Gerberas for Valentine’s Day

Gerbera bouquet

Gerbera daisies are celebrated for embodying joy, prosperity, and the dreams of a blissful life, making them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone with whom you dream of spending a lifetime.


Much like tulips, the significance of a gerbera bouquet transforms with its colour palette. Orange gerberas radiate affection, purple ones symbolise captivating beauty and elegance, while red gerberas are linked with desires that ignite the heart.

Discover the widest variety of gerbera flower arrangements in shades ranging from pink to red, and choose not just a bouquet but a vibrant expression of emotions this Valentine’s Day!


All Valentine’s Day flowers on Giftano come with free same-day or next-day gift delivery!

Orchids for Valentine’s Day

Orchid bouquet

Did you know? Orchids are right up there as one of the most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day! According to Avas Flowers’ sales data over the past decade, they’re only second to roses. As the symbol of unity, love, beauty, and unbridled passion, it’s no wonder they’re a stellar pick for a Valentine’s Day gift!


And get this – some orchids even come in pots, and grow for years to come. So, giving your special someone an orchid isn’t just a one-time beauty show, it’s a reminder of your love that’s here to stay.

At Giftano, you have the option to pick from various Orchid varieties, including these stunning pink Phalaenopsis, presented in an elegant glass vase!

Carnations for Valentine’s Day

The carnation rose to widespread prominence as the official flower for Mother’s Day, thanks to Anna Jarvis, the “founder” of modern Mother’s Day. In 1908, during the first official celebration of this day in the USA, Jarvis distributed hundreds of her mother’s favourite white carnations, and ever since then the carnation has become a symbol of motherly love.


Beyond its strong association with Mother’s Day, the carnation also represents devotion, love, distinction, and fascination. This versatility makes carnations one of the top choices for Valentine’s Day flowers in Singapore.

If your Valentine’s Day date is your spouse who recently embraced motherhood, these carnation flower bouquets will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her! And the cherry on top? You can get one delivered on the same-day or the next day with ZERO delivery fees through!

Lilies for Valentine’s Day

Lily bouquets

These flowers aren’t just a treat for the eyes with their fancy shapes, especially when bundled up in a bouquet, but they also carry a delightful fragrance to boot. The Chinese connection makes it even more special, as lilies are called 百合 (bǎi hé), sounding like the Chinese saying, 百年好合 (Bǎinián hǎo hé), which basically means “happy union for one hundred years”.

Red lilies are usually the go-to for Valentine’s Day, but if you’re feeling bold, the white, purple, and pink ones have great meanings too, like purity, elegance, and admiration respectively. And guess what? You can get them with free same-day or next-day flower delivery on!

Shop the best Valentine’s Day flowers on!

From classic roses to brilliant lilies, discover the widest array of flowers that make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for her, and send romantic surprises with free same-day or next-day delivery only on!

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