National Day: Gift Homegrown Brands #SupportLocal

by Zafira Adlyn

Happy birthday, Singapore! 

It’s the time of the year again where the feeling of national pride blooms in every citizen. We’re all grateful for the many achievements that Singapore has accomplished and there’s no better way to celebrate than to #supportlocal! 

In lieu of National Day, Giftano would like to extend our support to local homegrown brands, so here are some of the best gifts from Singaporean brands and establishments that anyone can appreciate and enjoy as part of the gifting culture here. 


As Singapore’s first-ever artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker, Fossa Chocolate is a local brand that experiments and creates chocolates to feature the authentic taste of Asia. Having won the International Chocolate Awards three years in a row, Fossa Chocolate handcrafts each and every chocolatey treat, from the roasting, cracking and winnowing of cacao beans, right down to the refining process, moulding and packaging. 

Go ahead and send their best-selling chocolate-making workshop gift to a chocoholic you know and let them have a hands-on experience creating their own chocolate bonbons and truffles. We’re sure they’d be happy to share some of it with you!

“Singapore is so boring… There’s nothing to do here.”

Sound familiar? Well, good news, there’s actually plenty of activities to do in the sunny island Singapore. Why not try your hands at throwing some axes? It’s a new extreme sport that’s taking the world by storm and Axe Factor is Singapore’s first-ever indoor axe-throwing range. 

Gather your friends and family, it’s time to hurl those axes with the 60 min Group Axe-Throwing Session. Share the joy of spending some quality time together with your loved ones while trying something out of the norm! 

Being a tiny red dot on the world map, Singapore finds itself lacking in space when it comes to farming. Urban farming solves this problem by integrating agriculture areas with what little space is available, such as rooftops. 

For example, the Open Farm Community (OFC) focuses on creating locally sourced dishes in its open-concept kitchen and restaurant. By working with local farmers and chefs, OFC aims to spread awareness on the relevance of urban farming in Singapore. 

Treat a nature-lover you know to an immersive dining experience with the Open Farm Community Gift Cards. Let them enjoy OFC’s impressive menu that uses sustainable ingredients, grown right in Singapore’s backyard.

Founded by a bunch of young individuals, HipVan is a local brand in Singapore which aims to create an inspiring home for all. With unlimited choices of high-quality furniture available online with fair prices, it’s easy for anyone to personalise their homes. Far from generic, HipVan is sure to add a modern touch of style to any home.

For the best housewarming gift to new home-owners out there, choose HipVan Gift Cards and let them pick their own furniture. No more worrying about whether they’d like it or not if they’re doing the shopping instead!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… someone freefalling in a vertical wind tunnel!

iFly Singapore is the world’s first and largest themed vertical wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. With its state-of-the-art patented technology, it ensures the safety of all flyers, from first-timers to seasoned skydivers. This wind tunnel enables flyers to execute all sorts of movements and manoeuvres to emulate a real skydive.

So here’s your chance to surprise a thrillseeker with an unforgettable indoor skydiving experience gift! This includes a pre-flight demo and safety training by professional instructors, a complimentary rental of flight suits and safety equipment and 2 skydives lasting 45 seconds each. They’ll even walk away with a Flight Certificate that they can brag about after.

From Prada to Gucci to Emporio Armani, W Optics has it all! 

It’s the largest vision care flagship store in Singapore and is the first-of-its-kind retail concept that offers the best optical solution and products for all. With a wide variety of selection of optical glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, W Optics is the one-stop solution for tailored vision care. 

Make the next optometry visit a personalised and exclusive experience for someone with W Optics Gift Cards

Accidentally breaking your mum’s dining plate might result in some dire consequences from her, but in The Fragment Room, you can unleash all your rage by breaking a whole crate’s worth of items for 30 minutes! 

It’s the first rage room in Singapore that allows players to smash and destroy all kinds of things like plates, glasses, electronic appliances and more as a form of anger therapy. These items were bought over when they’re already on the way to the scrap yard so feel free to go crazy on the Hulk rampage.

If you know someone who’s had a bad day and they’re not too willing to talk about it, cheer them up with a rage room experience gift that includes 1 crate of breakables with a baseball bat. Join in the fun and have a smashing good time (pun intended) with The Fragment Room experience gifts for duos.

Step aside hot yoga, there’s a new yoga craze in town. Introducing FloatFit Yoga… the latest fitness craze in Singapore! 

Using the world’s first floating exercise mat, FloatFit Yoga is done on water for a new refreshing take on exercise. Skyline Aqua is the first in Singapore to provide both Yoga and HIIT classes on water for those who are looking for a fun and challenging workout. 

It burns more calories than land-based workouts and helps to improve flexibility and stability as fitness enthusiasts try to maintain their balance on water. For those who are bored of the gym and are looking forward to conquering new heights, gift them with the best sports gift ever: 5 Sessions of FloatFIt HIIT/Yoga On Water

Spa experiences are always nice and rejuvenating, but Spa Esprit goes the extra mile by providing all-round energy healing using custom blend products, the first in Singapore. 

As a form of new-age therapy, the Super Vibrator brings energy healing to the body by using a device that reads the Emotional Positioning System (EPS). After mapping out the body’s energy, a specialised prescription of essential oils is used during a 90 min massage and ends off with sound healing from the Tibetan singing bowl to get the body back into a deep state of relaxation with the vibrations.

Gift the 120 min Super Vibrator Massage to someone who has had too much on their plate lately, and let them experience a one-of-a-kind rejuvenating spa treatment for both the mind and body.

Sentosa Golf Club has a rich history and its fair share of awards since the 1970s, including ‘Most Scenic Golf Course’ in 1977 and the most recent award being the ‘World’s Best Golf Club’ in 2019. Known as the region’s most exclusive and challenging golf courses, the Serapong Course and the New Tanjong Course are surrounded by the impressive scenery of the Singapore skyline for golfers to enjoy. 

Let a golf enthusiast experience the beauty of Sentosa Golf Club’s award-winning golf courses and have some fun in the sun with an amazing weekend golfing experience gift.

If you’ve ever heard your loved ones complaining for a much-needed massage, then The Outcall Spa will make their wish come true. The Outcall Spa is Singapore’s number one body massage home service without leaving the house. With a spa-size massage bed and professionally trained therapists, anyone who is in need of a well-deserved massage can enjoy a full spa experience right in the comfort of their own home.

After a tiring week, treat your special person to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at home with the best spa gift from The Outcall Spa! 

After calling Singapore home for the past decade, the founders of Raph & Remy sought to create high quality, sustainable, chic and beautifully packaged baby products at affordable prices. 

In order to ease the parenting journey, Raph & Remy offers stylish yet comfortable baby products to give the littles ones the best possible start in life. With premium bamboo baby essentials made from eco-friendly textile with Singapore’s tropical climate in mind, giving babies the comfort they deserve. For new parents, gift the Newborn Essentials Collection Gift Set for all the basic necessities or the 7EssentialSomethings™ Gift Set as the ultimate baby gift for experienced parents. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream! 

Udders is an award-winning homegrown ice cream cafe that offers mouth-watering and unique flavours that are proudly Singaporean. Specialising in Asian and Alcoholic flavours, Udders caters to the Asian palate with its quirky flavours including Mao Shan Wang, Singapore Chendol and Bailey’s & Bourbon without any artificial flavouring, colouring and sweeteners. Let someone beat the Singapore heat with Udders Gift Cards!

Authentic local-style coffee delivered right to your loved one’s doorstep? Yes!

Using different beans and grinds, produces top-quality coffee and tea beverages that are packed in a gift box for easy gifting. Some of’s crowd favourites include Authentic Kopi, Caramel Latte, Forest Berries Iced Tea and more. Send the Petite Gift Box with 3 drinks of your choice or splurge a little on the Lush Gift Set with 4 drinks of your choice. Each gift set also comes inclusive of delicious goodies like cookies and brownies for a snack lover to munch on, which makes it the best gift for any occasion!

Beers come in all kinds of flavours and choices. Thirsty brings all the various options of craft beer to be fun, fresh and accessible to all in Singapore. 

From light to dark, hoppy to malty, Thirsty offers gorgeous beer gift boxes and sets that cater to every beer lover’s preferences. Bringing in unique flavours of beers from all over the world, Thirsty’s gift boxes are perfect for gifting to friends and family to celebrate any joyous occasion. With occasion-specific gift boxes such as the ‘Hoppy Birthday’ or ‘Hoppily Ever After’ craft beer gift boxes, gifting has never been easier. 

Looking for a truly local flavour? The Brewlander Singaporean Beer Sampler Set is the perfect gift to show some local support!

Taking inspiration from local daily life, Westside Prints produces handmade linocut prints and personalised products. Westside Prints aims to encourage people to relive the experience and joy of receiving handmade goods with their unique prints. 

For new homeowners, the ‘Home Sweet Home’ Handmade Linocut Print will make their house feel more like home. How about making your gift recipients feel special with one-of-a-kind personalised gifts, such as the ‘The Newly Wed’ Handmade Wedding Stamp or the ‘Corgi’ Handmade Address Stamp

Looking for a gift hamper but nothing seems to stand out? Enter BearloonSG

BearloonSG specialises in trendy hot air balloon floral hampers that would stun your gift recipients. Providing custom balloon services to meet each need, you can easily customise these gorgeous balloon hampers with the colours, text and design theme of your choice to fit the occasion. Our favourites include the ‘Full Bloom Roses’ Hot Air Balloon for romantic occasions and the ‘Snack Box’ Hot Air Balloon for a more casual occasion including birthdays, graduations and more. These unique gift hampers are sure to stun your gift recipients with its amazing visuals!

When your loved ones are feeling a little tense but have no time to head down to a spa, bring the spa to them instead! MIRA offers a variety of spa gift boxes that give them the chance to care for and pamper themselves. 

MIRA creates artisan soaps, natural skincare and spa products from scratch with plant-based ingredients to ensure that the skin receives the best care without parabens and other harsh chemicals. With the Spa Gift Box or the Basket of Soaps, MIRA gift boxes are the most thoughtful beauty and spa gift you can give someone you love. 

Founded by two green enthusiasts in Singapore, The Green Capsule is one of the first terrarium shops in Singapore that provides full customisation. Bringing the love of greening to Singapore, The Green Capsule offers terrarium making workshops for everyone of all ages. 

Give a budding green-thumb a chance to try and create a terrarium for themselves with the Open Terrarium Workshop. This 1 to 2 hour workshop gift equips them with the knowledge and items needed to create a terrarium with beautiful succulents and airplants that would look great in any home!

After smelling the enticing aroma of Nasi Lemak in the movie theatre while munching on popcorn, the founder of The Kettle Gourmet decided to venture into a popcorn endeavour that offers local flavours to cater to the Singaporean palate. 

The Kettle Gourmet serves freshly hand-baked popcorn with localised flavours including Nasi Lemak, Chilli Crab, Kaya Butter Toast, Chicken Floss and more, along with the classic popcorn flavours such as Chocolate and Caramel. Gift an avid snacker the ‘Assortment Singles’ Popcorn Bundle to taste all these quirky flavours and never look back at the boring ol’ flavours again!

You never know what you can do if you’ve never tried it. 

Give someone hands-on experience at creating their own pottery with Terra & Ember workshops. With professional instructors, participants can transform the clay into various shapes and sizes to create their very own set of handmade decorative sets or even personalised dinnerware. Let a lifelong learner try out the Mini Potters Experience [For 1] or the Wheel Throwing Experience [For 1] and maybe they’ll come out of the workshop with a brand new hobby! 

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