Best Singapore Restaurant Gift Idea: Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse – One of the Best Steakhouses in Singapore



The best restaurant gift idea in Singapore, Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse does not disappoint. It is quietly nestled away amongst the shop houses along Mohammed Sultan Road, and is undoubtedly one of the best steakhouses in Singapore. Take time to admire their rustic yet chic decor as you enter and enjoy their friendly and personal service as they serve your meal.

We started off with their pan roasted octopus with preserved lemon, olives, Pachino Sicilian tomatoes and rocket salad ($22). Moist and tender, the octopus was roasted to perfection, and the preserved lemon and Pachino Sicilian tomatoes gave it a kind of sweetness and acidity that it needed to freshen up the dish. The rocket salad then tied the dish together by contributing its subtle spicy, bitter notes to balance all the flavors on your palate. A great start to the evening.


We were then presented with their squid ink tagliolini with crab, fennel, chili and lemon ($26). This spicy and tangy plate of mouthwatering goodness just made our taste buds dance. The squid ink tagliolini was beautifully al dente and the sweetness of the crab was emphasized by the slightly spicy and tangy dressing with a touch of aniseed flavor from the fennel.


And now for the star of the show! We were greeted by an aromatic and absolutely succulent board of skillfully grilled, medium rare 1.1kg Fiorentina wagyu F1 t-bone, with a marbling score of 6+ ($188). Being their signature steak, it definitely lives up to its reputation. Roasted over a wood-fired grill, it had a wonderful sear with charred edges, juxtaposing against its rosy, pink and luscious interior. Known for its thick cut steak experience, the well-seasoned Australian F1 wagyu was tender, juicy and full of meaty, smoky flavor. This was undoubtedly one of the most well-marbled pieces of meat we had ever eaten.


Lastly, we finished off the meal with their vanilla panna cotta topped with fresh berries and a pistachio crumble. We loved the lightly sweet panna cotta accompanied by the fresh berry medley. The acidity of the berries helped cut through the creaminess and sweetness of the vanilla panna cotta, creating this balance of flavor. The crunch of the pistachio crumble topped it off, making it the perfect end to an amazing evening.


If you know someone who loves their steak, why not bring them down to try Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse over the weekend or surprise them with Bistecca gift cards or gift vouchers and brighten up their day! You can buy these gift cards online at with no fuss or waiting. So don’t hesitate and get gifting!

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