Buying & Sending Gift Cards Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

by Jannah Yusoh

Imagine. You travel into town via train and squeeze with other commuters on board. Upon leaving the train station, you unwillingly join the human traffic jam as you try to enter a shopping mall. As you enter, you hustle through a sea of people as you head toward the customer service counter. And when you finally reach the counter, you are directed to join a queue at least 10 people long. *Sigh* After a seemingly never-ending 30 – 45 minute wait, you finally get attended to by a customer service personnel who can, at long last, process your request.


If your objective was just to buy just ONE $20 gift card or gift voucher, was going through all that worth it? It might have (unfortunately) become a norm for people to have to go through all that hassle just to purchase a gift voucher. But is it necessary?

Most gift cards and gift vouchers are sold in brick and mortar stores and require you to be physically there to purchase them or pick them up. But we find this such a hassle, and furthermore, this “existing system” seems to be flawed. Very flawed. Won’t it be so much easier if you could buy a gift card or gift voucher where ever you were? Be it at home, at work, or on the go. Let’s break it down: The time wasted: Travel time (to and fro) + Walking (slowly) time + Queueing time = easily 2 hours. The money spent: Travel cost via train (to and fro) = $5 – $6 on average. If you took a cab (to and fro) = $16 – $30. What about the petrol cost if you drove? And the time spent on looking for parking.



We’re Giftano, an innovative Singaporean startup that provides you with such a platform. You can purchase gift cards online no matter where you are, and send them either via email (worldwide), in an exclusive envelope (Singapore address only), or a luxurious gift box (Singapore address only). Users just need to choose which gift cards they want, purchase it, and leave everything else to us.

Being one of Singapore’s most convenient, easy to use, and secure online gift card and voucher platforms, Giftano allows you to purchase gift cards and vouchers easily, guided by a user-friendly interface.

Offering other services like a bulk purchase option (corporate or weddings), companies can buy gift cards more conveniently and at a cheaper rate*. Users can also chat with our friendly customer service LIVE via our live chat function where we handle all your enquiries. In addition, we also have tracking set up for all our parcels so we can be on top of things. You can rest assured your gift will arrive safely and on time.

So send gift cards with Giftano, your most trusted gifting platform.

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