Top 5 Gift Wrapping Ideas This Christmas


Here are the top 5 gift wrapping ideas this Christmas!

It’s the time of the year where gifts fly off the shelf and the city comes alive with decorative lights, festive music and people gatherings. And in the spirit of giving (and receiving), dressing your gifts in something special this year adds a personal touch to any size package and makes it stand out among the rest!

1. DIY Christmas Gift Tags Create your own cute and festive Christmas gift tags to attach to your gift. They are so pretty and they give your gift a nice finishing and personal touch. You can add pictures, quotes and a personalized message to make it stand out!

2. Creative Wrapping Designs Out-of-the-box wrapping papers are always a hit! Encompassing the colors of the holiday season, you can combine ready made wrapping papers or make your own!

Gift wrapping

3. Mason Jars A great way to present your gifts, you can fill it up with colorful food like colored popcorn, frosted cookies and mixed candies and chocolates. You could also put in crayons, homemade soap or colored body scrub salt.

4. Mugs are a good and practical way to make a “basket” or “hamper”, which make amazing greeting gift ideas. By filling up the mug with an assortment of items, this gift will put a smile on anyone’s face!

5. Special Ribbons and Bows Be creative and innovative! Use different materials and styles to create unique and interesting shapes that redefine Christmas ribbons and bows! Get adventurous with your color choices too!

Gift wrapping

With the top 5 gift wrapping ideas, I hope this inspired you to be more creative when it comes to your gifts this Christmas! It is so simple to do, so try it for yourself!

Go on, get gifting!

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