Give memorable Teacher’s Day Gifts | 2019

by Jannah Yusoh

“OMG!!! I need Teacher’s Day gifts and I wanted to give something special to my favourite teacher, but now I can’t!”

If this is you right now, we’ve got you!
Choose your Teacher’s Day gifts from our varied selection of experience gifts, dining gifts, or beauty & spa gifts for your favourite teacher, or a special mentor in life who you’d like to thank for the occasion.
Giftano offers a wide range of gifts that would be the ideal yet special gift for your teacher.

Experience Gifts:

Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives. But sometimes, they tend to miss out on the fun due to heavily stressful weeks. Let your favourite teacher go enjoy a fun day with whole new experience. Gift a new kind of experience to your teacher and let them have a new memory to treasure forever.

Dining Gifts:

What better to give than a scrumptiously delicious meal to enjoy? Let them take on a journey of new tastes by selecting any of our wide range of speciality cuisine restaurant gifts. From Greek to American and British cuisines, hosts a lot of dining restaurants that suit various occasions.

Beauty & Spa Gifts:

Last yet the most important is relaxation. The perfect recharging gift for your teacher to take a time-out in their stressful schedules, and truly relax and rejuvenate with any of our wide range of spa gifts. OR, let them go on a shopping spree with retail gift cards!

What’s more? You can opt for same-day delivery by choosing the ‘Send by Courier’ option while checking out! Go get your gifts today to let your teacher have the perfect Teacher’s Day gift.

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