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41 Best Birthday Gifts for Friends 2023

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They’ve been there through thick and thin, celebrating all the highs, and listening to all your woes. Just as your best friends know you like the back of their hand, you understand what makes them tick too. But, it’s because of this that you’re now stumped: It’s hard to shop for best friends whom you’ve been exchanging gifts with for years on end.


That’s why we found birthday gifts for basically every kind of best friend: New haunts for the foodie girlfriend, novel experiences for the thrill-seeking boyfriend, workshops for the creative mum, activewear for the sports enthusiast dad, and more!

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Foodies

Put your foodie friend’s taste buds to the ultimate test! At NOX – Dine in the Dark, food is served in complete darkness by visually-impaired servers. They’ll have to step into the shoes of the staff and rely only on senses of touch, taste, smell, and sound to figure things out.


With its unique concept, NOX – Dine in the Dark is sure to provide your friends with a novel dining experience that’s unlike any other!

Let your foodie friends experience the magic of Irish cuisine without them having to leave the little red dot! 


From snacks to desserts, CURE Restaurant puts a spin on traditional Irish fare to bring two gastronomic menus that delight — NUA IRISH Experience Menu Lunch and NUA IRISH Experience Menu Dinner — and even better enjoyed with wine! Send the perfect dining experience as a birthday gift for foodie friends and expand their horizons with tantalising Irish delicacies.

It’s not everyday your foodie friends can step into a Michelin-star restaurant. So, why not give a birthday treat? With dining experiences from Alma by Juan Amador, you’ll make their gourmet dreams come true! 


Whether you choose a 4-course vegetarian spread or splurge on an 8-course dinner with wine, it’s a luxurious experience that your friends will never forget!

Sometimes, it’s not just about the food, but the drinks that accompany it! OSO Ristorante offers top-notch authentic Italian cuisine with a plethora of lunch and dinner sets, plus a wine-tasting experience.

Featuring sparkling wine/spumante, Italian white wine, and Italian red wine hand picked by OSO Ristorante’s owner and sommelier Stephane Colleoni, The Italian Wines Journey can be enjoyed alone, but is best paired with their dining menus. Make your foodie friend’s day with a birthday gift that’s hard to find in Singapore!

Blu Kouzina is the go-to place for an authentic Greek dining experience. Not only are the restaurants stylised after Grecian homes, the fare itself boasts both traditional and contemporary Greek flavours.


And, if you ask us, food enjoyed in a homely setting is a recipe for success. Make your foodie friend jump at the chance to explore Greek cuisine with Blu Kouzina Gift Cards!

The White Label is an upscale halal restaurant that whips up a variety of classic French dishes infused with Malayan flavours. Boasting elegant interiors with chandeliers, gold cutlery and marbled tables, The White Label recreates a cosy yet classy dining experience that’s oh-so reminiscent of restaurants in Paris.

Send the perfect birthday gift to your foodie girl-friend with The White Label Gift Cards and let her experience some top-notch French cuisine!

Not entirely sure what cuisine they’d like to experience? With The Ultimate Dining Gift, you can let your friend pick from a range of dining experiences from a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants, noteworthy dining venues & more!

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Adventurous

Prawning’s been something that crept up in Singapore over the years, and if your friend’s obsessed, they might also find joy in fishing!

My Fishing Frenzy offers a variety of courses that caters to novices and experts, bringing all aspiring anglers to the hidden gems of Singapore for a fun day out. It’s the perfect birthday gift for the folks who’re itching to find a new hobby!

Naturally, there are some who’d love to pick up new skills from experts. Purehybridz specialises in educational fishing lessons guided by professionals, with all equipment at the ready! 


Whether it’s a private boat fishing lesson or a kayak fishing and mangrove tour, let friends enjoy an adventure on their birthday without the hassle of planning.

Between work and other commitments, life can feel a bit demanding at times, which is what makes Axe Factor’s one-of-a-kind axe-throwing experiences the perfect birthday gift!


For a whole 60 minutes, your bestie can take their frustrations out by hurling an axe at a target board 14-feet away. This will chip away at their stress bit by bit, until it leaves them feeling refreshed at the end.

Can’t travel, no problem! Give your friends the chance to be their own pilots with Flight Experience. Offering an immersive experience in a real-size Boeing 737-800 cockpit, Flight Experience provides a realistic simulation experience of what it’s like to fly a commercial plane. Using the latest technology used by flight schools and airlines for actual pilot training, this is the closest thing your friends can get to flying the real thing.


Let your friends take off from any airport of their choice and navigate the plane through any weather condition with a 30-minute Boeing 737 Experience or a VR Experience. Send this outstanding birthday gift for friends and let them enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You know your friend’s bucket list like the back of your hand, and if skydiving’s one they have yet to fulfil, send them The Challenge Package from iFly as a birthday gift!


With this package, they’ll get to enjoy true free fall conditions — fully guided by professionals — at one of the world’s wind tunnels in the world not just once, but twice! They’ll also receive a Flight Certificate just for the flex.

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Creative

If it’s not baking then it’s soap art, and handmade chocolate on decorating the Instagram feed; the DIY-friend is always on the move, picking up new crafts and skills, but you’re never quite sure of what they’ve experienced. Fuel their creativity and let them choose their next workshop with The Ultimate Workshop Gift!

Everyone has their own vices, and your girlfriend’s might just be collecting bags or wallets! If their home boasts such treasures, the leather crafting workshops from Crafune will make a great birthday gift for her.


Not only will they get to learn how to craft their own bags, wallets and more, they’ll get to take their creations home, or out and about to flaunt their new skills.

What’s the one thing that’s been thrust into the spotlight after the pandemic? If you’ve guessed soap, you’re right on the money.

This newfound focus on soap has also led to the rise in soap art, or fancy looking soaps shaped like cupcakes, flowers and more. But the process of making one from scratch can be dangerous, which is why it’s best for friends who want to learn to do so at the hands of a professional. At Unmi Lessons, participants are slowly guided through the techniques and recipes to create their very own scented masterpiece in a safe space. Truly, one of the more unique birthday gifts Singapore offers.

All chocolate lovers will love this one! Like most others, this chocolate-making workshop starts with an introduction to the basics, but it doesn’t just stop there. Your creative pal will get a chance to design and customise their very own chocolate bars too!


And, as an extra sweet treat, they’ll also get to take home a box of chocolate truffles, a box of bon bons, and two chocolate bars! Now that’s everything they could possibly want out of a birthday gift

Your friend might not be a stranger to art jamming, but there’s a good chance they haven’t tried their hands at book binding or designing a custom camera case. Perhaps, under the guidance of passionate instructors at Avant-Garde Art Space, they’ll be able to find a new passion!

Out of birthday gift ideas for an artistic friend? If they’re always on the lookout for a new craft or hobby, gift them a workshop experience from Concrete Everything!


Let them explore a different medium for their art – concrete! Guided by trained instructors, your friends will learn the necessary skills of casting, creating and designing their very own unique concrete masterpiece from scratch. Concrete Everything offers a variety of workshops that cater to all skill levels including the Marbled Coaster Dish Workshop, Geometric Stationery Holder Workshop or Green Planter Workshop.

If creating a miniature landscape in a glass jar sounds like a dream come true for your friend, then the Open Terrarium Workshop from The Green Capsule is the perfect birthday gift for them! 


In this 1-2 hour long workshop, they’ll learn all about the art of terrarium making and plant care. This workshop is suitable for anyone of all skill levels, and a great way for them to hone their green thumbs. It’ll make a unique birthday gift for friends, especially for the ones who enjoy making their own little fantasy garden!

Let your friends expand their creativity with a Gel Wax Candle-Making Class from Sally’s Room. In this 6-hour workshop, they’ll learn how to create a beautiful gel candle holder, a gemstone pillar candle and a beverage candle using proper candle-making techniques taught by the instructors. 


This is a great birthday gift for friends who love lighting up scented candles and art! What’s more, they get to bring home their creations to set the mood in their homes.

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Fashionable

What birthday gift should you get for a fashionable guy? A bespoke shirt, exclusively tailored to his personality & preference! 


The Prefecture offers a Bespoke Tropical Shirt package that would be perfect for Singapore’s sunny weather. Let him choose between 3 signature bespoke tropical shirts from The Sentosa Beach Lounger to The Jaipur Kurta and The Tropical Safari Shirt. One of the best birthday gift ideas for any well-dressed friend.

Offering a wide selection of fashion apparel, accessories and footwear from local and international brands for men and women, ZALORA is one of the hottest and fastest-growing online fashion shopping destinations in Singapore. 


Let them shop for their favourite fashion styles with ZALORA Gift Cards, the best birthday gifts you can send to friends!

With a Foot Locker Gift Card, your favourite fashionista can shop from a variety of premium brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and more, and perfect their street-wear drip from head-to-toe.

Know a fashion-forward friend who loves dressing up for the occasion? Gift them Benjamin Barker Gift Cards to celebrate their birthday!

Benjamin Barker is a lifestyle retailer that offers luxurious tailor suits, shirts, casual wear and accessories. A great birthday gift idea for the modern gentleman, Benjamin Barker is sure to level up their wardrobe with the best apparel.

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Sentimental


“A photograph is like a recipe – the memory is the finished dish.” – Carrie Latet


The sentimental friend will cherish keepsakes a lot more than material gifts, which is what makes this Studio Photography experience from Firefly Photography the best birthday gift for them!


This photography package includes 40 edited shots that will be delivered to them in high-resolution on a downloadable link within 6-8 weeks. A fun activity that they can enjoy with their loved ones while keeping their memories close.

Give the gift of new memories to the friends you love with a unique dining experience from Royal Albatross!


Royal Albatross is the one and only Tall Ship in Singapore that offers a stunning view of Singapore’s city skyline and a mouth-watering 3-course meal. As the sun sets over the horizon, your friends will be treated to a view that they can’t get anywhere else. With that picture-perfect moment, the Sunset Dinner Cruise is a great birthday gift that friends will definitely enjoy!

Fragrances, emotions and memories are so closely intertwined, that’s why some scents can trigger sweet memories. For the scent-imental friend, why not gift a Perfume Workshop to let them create new memories with their very own signature scent? 


This perfume-making workshop from Nenä allows them to create and design their own unique essential oil fragrance to bring home. The perfect birthday gift for friends who love holding onto precious memories.

Most sentimental people love creating memories with those closest to them. Give them a luxurious experience aboard a private yacht to enjoy with friends and family!  


White Sails offers a Weekend 4-hour Yacht Sailing Cruise with plenty of amenities such as bedrooms, a trampoline net and sports equipment like kayaks, snorkelling kits and fishing rods. A wonderful way to splurge on your best friend, this sailing cruise will provide them with hours of fun and excitement in the sun!

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Workaholics

Send a personalised Cardholder & Keychain Bundle as a birthday gift to friends who are working professionals! This gift bundle from THEIMPRINT includes a slim and sleek cardholder with the capacity to hold up to 4 cards and a slot for notes and coins. The elegant keychain helps keep their keys organised and easy to spot in bags.  


Only available on Giftano, it’s a sweet but practical birthday gift for working friends or colleagues you care for!

If your friend has been complaining about neck aches from constantly slouching at their desk, the Necksaviour Mini from Interstellar Goods is the most thoughtful birthday gift you can give them!


This portable device helps to relieve stiff necks, neck pains and tension headaches. All they have to do is bend it, and relax to work out those stubborn knots. Your friend will really thank you for this amazing birthday gift!

Pamper the workaholic with a 60-minute Aroma Rich Massage from Aramsa the Garden Spa!


This spa treatment fuses eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques with medium pressure. Perfect for calming, soothing and resting both the body and the mind, send this birthday gift to friends and let them restore their bodies back to optimal health!

Cracking your head trying to look for a birthday gift for friends who are always on the go? The Leather Tablet & Notebook Folder from The Shirt Bar is a gift you should consider! Crafted from top-grain leather, this folder is just the right size for storing any tablet device like the iPad and notebooks. 


A functional and practical birthday gift for friends to carry their office essentials in style!

With long hours spent grinding away at a laptop, neck pain, stubborn knots, and back aches are but a norm to the workaholic. Still, it doesn’t mean that they should have to suffer in silence, not when OGAWA’s portable massagers can deliver the ultimate rejuvenating experience!


Browse the selection to find the perfect birthday gift that works for your friend.

Birthday Gifts for Friends Who Are Sporty

If your sporty friends are looking for something new to pick up, why not tennis? Singapore Tennis School offers a variety of tennis lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. With professional trainers dedicated to coaching, your friends will become expert tennis players in no time.

Available in 1, 3, 5 and 10 sessions, these 60-minute tennis lessons are a great birthday gift for friends who want a healthy workout while experiencing the fun of tennis!

Participating in sports can take up a lot of energy. Give sports enthusiasts a way to recover with Antidote’s Active Cleanse!  

Made for the active individual, this cleansing juice pack contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help aid the body in repairing itself and enhancing sports performance. It also helps achieve enhanced metabolism, better recovery and increased energy, just what every aspiring athlete needs. A great birthday gift for friends who are active, this juice pack will help them power through their days!

If you want to provide relief to a sporty friend who always undergoes intense workout sessions, the 60-minute Inner Respite Massage is sure to do the trick! Catered to highly active individuals, this massage treatment helps to refresh, stimulate and energise the body by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissues. Using hard and intense pressure with slow and deep strokes, the massage aids in promoting faster healing of the body.  


A great way to show your support to your sports enthusiast friends, this massage from Aramsa the Garden Spa is a birthday gift that they’ll surely appreciate.

Exercise on water? Yes, it’s possible! If you know a friend who practises yoga or enjoys HIIT, why not challenge their limit by gifting them a FloatFit HIIT/Yoga on Water experience from Skyline Aqua


Let them enjoy the beautiful view of the Singapore Flyer while toning core muscles and improving both body and mental balance. The FloatFit HIIT/Yoga on Water class is a 30-minute workout on water using a floating exercise mat that includes HIIT exercises like burpees, lunges and squats or yoga exercises that focus on breathing and movement to strengthen the body and mind. A unique and refreshing way to exercise, it’s sure to get their blood pumping!

Birthday Gifts for "On Fleek" Friends

Let your friend rock a new hair colour with a rejuvenating session at J’s Salon! The Dye Hair Service includes colouring, washing and styling blow dry by J’s Salon’s professional hair stylists. 

With a beautiful interior, this luxurious salon offers the most holistic and relaxing self-pampering session. Boost their confidence with a trendy new look that they’ll never want to stop snapping photos for the gram. The perfect birthday gift for friends who are always switching up their hairdo!

Removing dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin is a necessity for clear, healthy skin. Give a well-groomed friend a pampering treat at Spa Infinity to cleanse their skin. 


The 60-minute Classic Facial combines traditional healing with modern spa luxury to battle skin concerns. This facial treatment helps exfoliate and nourish the skin, promoting a clear-well-hydrated complexion. The perfect birthday treat for friends to relax and indulge on their special day. 

The “Percy Nobleman” Complete Beard Care Kit from WhatHeWants is the ideal personal grooming gift set to keep a guy’s beard looking full and healthy.  


This beard care kit includes a conditioning oil, beard wash, beard balm moisturiser and a folding comb. With all the tools he needs to care for this face and beard, what’s not to love? This is truly one of the best birthday gift ideas for men!

Back acne is a real pain to deal with because it’s so hard to reach. For the well-groomed friend who wants nothing more than to get rid of any sebum, dead skin cells, blackheads or back acne, the 60-minute Signature Salt Room Customised Back Facial from Pablo Blau is the best birthday gift you can give.


This customised treatment gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin for a smooth finish, free of any toxin. Set in a salt room from floor to ceiling to emulate a salt cave, this salt room treatment also helps to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the airways. A pampering birthday gift for friends to treat themselves to.

With that, we hope that this list of birthday gift ideas from Giftano has helped you with your hunt for the perfect birthday gift for your friends. From thoughtful gifts that show you care to fun and exciting experience gifts that will get them jumping for joy, all these gifts are available on digitally and instantly via email or WhatsApp.


Alternatively, you could also get the birthday gift delivered right to their doorstep in Singapore via courier or post!

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