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How to Motivate Employees

motivate employees for a lively workplace
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Every now and then, it is normal for employees to experience dips in motivation. However, it becomes an issue when everyone in your workplace constantly feels sluggish as hinted by their tired tone and draggy footsteps. While it may have been due to a personal reason, it signals a possibility of work factors that may have contributed to their low energy level. It is important to re-evaluate the work environment from time to time to ensure that employees constantly feel engaged.

When employees are motivated, they are more likely to be passionate about the work that they deliver to the company, leading to a higher level of productivity. Here, we have gathered 6 simple yet effective tips to motivate employees.

motivate employees with team activities

Having a good work environment is important as it is the place where employees spend most of their time. How the work culture is like would set the tone of the employees for the rest of their day, or even throughout their time in the company. A lively ambience could make them feel more comfortable in the company and treat it like their second home. This drives their intrinsic motivation to do well for the organisation, which can in turn have positive effects on the business’s bottom line.


Companies can create a lively workplace by organising team-building activities, giving employees the opportunity to mingle with one another as they have fun. More interactions outside of work could cultivate better relationships among colleagues as they get to understand each other on a deeper level. Great teamwork facilitates communications, making work smoother for everyone when they start working on projects.


Consider organising hands-on workshops, sporting activities, or food appreciation experiences for your next team-building event. These are some of the activities that subconsciously cultivate bonds and build teamwork while employees enjoy themselves!

2. Give them autonomy

motivate employees with autonomy

Increase overall productivity rate by integrating employee autonomy into your culture.


When employees are given the freedom to make decisions, they regain a sense of ownership and control over their own time and energy, instead of feeling monitored or micro-managed round the clock. As each individual knows him or herself the best, this allows team members to do certain tasks at a certain period of the day, fully utilising their most productive hours.


Additionally, granting employee autonomy signals to your team members that you trust them, forging bonds and improving the
relationship between employers and employees. This reduces any friction between peers leading to lower workplace conflicts and greater teamwork, with its benefits covered in the preceding point. Not only does this nurture employee morale, it also increases their loyalty, boosting employee motivation.

3. Set smaller goals

motivate employees with smart goals

Small goals are the secret to big success.


Increase employee motivation by breaking goals into smaller and more achievable steps. Without an intimidating goal in sight, this prevents employees from feeling overwhelmed, encouraging them to take their first step towards completing the tasks on hand. Smaller goals make employees feel that they are constantly achieving something, building confidence by feeding their desire to contribute to the company. This consistency of hitting small goals keeps employees’ momentum going without feeling burned out.


How to know if the goals set are clear and reachable?


Try this SMART goal setting method to get employees kick-started on their targets:


S – Specific

Clearly define the goal so that everyone is on the same page and have no doubts about what is to be achieved. For instance, telling the team to ‘increase sales’ can be rather vague. Sales for which offering? Sales for the month, or for the year? These are questions that employees will have in their minds, making it tough for them to get started. Instead, try to state the goal in a more specific manner, such as “obtain 200 eCommerce sales for the month of October”. This provides the employees a better idea of how they should get started on their tasks, with the type of sales and period clearly defined.


M – Measurable

Next, goals should be measurable so that employees can keep track of their progress. The key way of doing so is to quantify the goals. In the earlier example given, telling employees to “obtain 200 eCommerce sales for October” allows them to monitor their progress by keeping track of the total number of sales. When they are able to keep track of their own progress, it can help them to identify how close or far away they are from hitting their sales target, and this in turn allows them to identify the measures that are required to meet their SMART goal. This also gives employers a gauge of how well their employees are performing towards meeting their goals.


When employees perform well, organisations can tap on this opportunity to reward them and affirm that they are on the right track. This makes employees feel that every contribution they have made is appreciated, further enhancing their level of motivation and loyalty towards the company.


A – Achievable

Goals should be achievable by ensuring that they can be reasonably accomplished within a given time period. Continuing with the given example, obtaining 1,000 eCommerce sales for October does not only sound daunting but is unlikely to be achieved as well, especially if your business only gets an average of 130 eCommerce sales a month. Instead, set realistic goals such as obtaining 200 eCommerce sales for October, which is not only more practical but will also motivate employees to work towards it as it is achievable within the given time.


R – Relevant

It is important to let employees see how their contributions are relevant to the company’s success in order to keep them going.


Knowing how their work is making the company progress can increase employee motivation as it spurs them further.


Try doing so by frequently sharing with your team about the company’s future plans! Let employees know that the increase in sales will greatly aid in the company’s long-term business objectives. This allows them to see how their goals link to the bigger picture, and that their contributions significantly matter to the growth of the company.


T – Time-bound

Finally, setting a time frame for the goals to be accomplished creates a sense of urgency, motivating employees to get started on their work. To illustrate, you can start off by encouraging your team members to hit the desired sales target by 31 October. Deadlines make it clear when work is expected to be delivered, helping employees to prioritise their list of tasks.

4. Recognise efforts

motivate employees by recognising efforts

Somebody made a huge contribution to the team? Make sure to recognise their efforts by showing your appreciation!

Let your team members know that they have done well by saying “thank you”. When employees know their efforts are being recognised, it helps them to see that their company values them and is aware of their contributions to the success of the team. Not only does this lead to happy employees, it also builds their loyalty towards the company as well, while motivating employees and generating a higher level of productivity for the company. In terms of money and time, think about the cost incurred in training new employees to the same level of competency as your current team. When employees stick around, your business is spared from spending additional expenses for recruitment when you have a lower demand for new hires to take over long-standing employees.


Thinking of how to show appreciation to employees of different demographics? The Giftano Gift Card is a great and practical way of showing thanks with its versatility! Not only does this corporate gift allow employees to pick something according to their liking, it comes with instant delivery so that you can conveniently slip a gift card into your team member’s email. Furthermore, with an option to add a personalised greeting card along with your gift, you can incorporate your favourite motivational quote to further inspire employees!

5. Find out what pushes them

motivate employees by finding out what pushes them

Be it attitudes or personalities, each employee is different in their own and unique way. Nobody has the same exact background as somebody else. With individuals from diverse backgrounds, it becomes crucial for companies to know what makes each team member tick to drive their motivation. Talk to them, ask about their day, listen to what they have to say. These light-hearted conversations not only close the gap between employers and employees, it also allows you to better understand them on a personal level. This helps in task delegation, where you can allocate in such a way that it suits each employees’ strengths, personality and working style, leading to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction.


Find out what motivates most of them and work towards building an employee rewards program that drives them. For instance, if the majority of the team members are extrinsically motivated by incentives, consider offering employees premium gift cards or grocery gift vouchers when KPIs are met. These little tokens of appreciation let employees know that they are valued, which is especially crucial in a big company with a larger number of employees.

6. Show that you care

motivate employees by showing that you care

The global pandemic has not only pushed businesses to adapt to the ever changing workplace measures but employees as well.
While working from home has its benefits, the switch in workplace settings from the office to home has created stress and fatigue for many. As boundaries become blurred between life at work and home, it becomes a nightmare for most employees to work from home. This could lead to a dip in employee motivation and lower quality of work. Hence, it is important for companies to explore ways to support the health and wellbeing of their employees.


Providing gifts can help to lift employee morale during this time of difficulty and isolation. Hampers and a relaxing massage at the spa are some great corporate gifts to inspire wellness. This reminds your team members that you remember and care for them even during this period of minimal social interaction.


Nothing can go wrong with food – try out these Secret Meal games to perk one another up with mystery gifts! Not only does this ensure that employees have a fulfilling meal in the midst of work, it provides an opportunity for employees to get to know each other on a deeper level while sharing a meal with one another.


There is no doubt that employee motivation is important as it has a high correlation to the success of the company. Motivating
employees does not have to be tough and daunting with these 5 simple aforementioned tips. As you work towards enhancing
employee motivation, bear in mind that every business is unique in its own way where some of these ideas may work better for
one company than another. Nevertheless, a small token of appreciation like a corporate gift is always ideal to keep employees
going, with numerous corporate gifting opportunities throughout the year, such as festivals and year-end celebrations. At the end of the day, it is important to know that it is the company that ultimately plays the biggest role in motivating employees.

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