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10 Great Chinese New Year Gifts

From receiving Chinese New Year gift hampers & red packets to indulging in the annual Lou Hei & family reunion dinners, Chinese New Year is one of the most commemorated festivals of the year!


We all know that Chinese New Year is the time to show love and appreciation towards those around us while coming together at annual reunion dinners to celebrate the joyous occasion. But did you know that gift-giving is also an essential element of this festive celebration? Chinese New Year gifting is a tradition that dates back to the olden days when people used to give or receive gifts as tokens of appreciation or gratitude. It is believed that presenting gifts during Chinese New Year will bring them health, wealth and luck all year round.


If you are looking for some of the best Chinese New Year gift ideas for colleagues, friends or distant relatives during the festive season, here are 11 Great Gifts for Chinese New Year!

Celebrate the festivities with luxurious Chinese New Year hampers. Send auspicious blessings for a hopeful new year with a symbolic gift hamper packed with Chinese New Year goodies and wine.


 From the Abundant Joy Gift Hamper to the Happiness Gift Hamper, these creative and stylish gift hampers for friends and family is sure to bring the festivities to life. The ideal Chinese New Year gift to wish your loved ones a year full of bountiful happiness, joy and laughter!

If it’s one thing to look forward to on Chinese New Year, it’s the joy of feasting with family and friends. Send your loved ones an array of traditional CNY goodies with One Farrer Hotel Festive Goodies


Spread prosperity to friends and family with some sweet and savoury treats like the Homemade Golden Pineapple Tart, Pumpkin Nut Bar or Radish Cake! Or share the joy with a sharing platter like the Signature Salmon Yu Sheng, CNY Takeaway Set and Bountiful Treasure Poon Choi. These tasty delights make great gifts for families and friends to share on Chinese New Year!

Packed with exciting popcorn flavours such as Chili Crab, Chicken Floss, Nasi Lemak, Kaya Butter Toast, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam, the CNY Gift Boxes from The Kettle Gourmet is the perfect Chinese New Year gift to surprise friends and relatives with! 


Each popcorn gift box contains 6 randomly selected flavours that are sure to delight the tastebuds. Let your family and friends munch on these gourmet snacks and celebrate this auspicious occasion in style. 

Gift delicious gourmet Chinese New Year goodies to friends, family, relatives and colleagues to snack on during this festive season! Made with real ingredients sourced from all over Asia, The Golden Duck’s mouth-watering flavour combinations like Salted Egg Yolk, Tom Yum and Sichuan Mala will tantalise the taste buds and bring in the festive cheer. 

Wish your loved ones a prosperous new year with the Snackbox Medley Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Crisps or the Snackbox Medley Sichuan Mala HotPot. Liven up the festivities with these Chinese New Year goodies that everyone can enjoy!

Out with the old, and in with the new. Give friends and family a brand new outfit for Chinese New Year with ZALORA Gift Cards! ZALORA is the hottest and fastest-growing online fashion shopping destination with more than 30,000 products. From fashion apparel to accessories, ZALORA offers a range of choices of every style and preference.


Give someone an outfit for their annual #OOTD with one of the best Chinese New Year gifts!

Celebrate Chinese New Year and send wishes of an abundance of life to your loved ones with the Manifest Gift Set from Innerfyre Co


This set includes an Abundance Candle, a Blooming Fortune Room Spray and a Chinese New Year greeting card. With an invigorating citrus scent and notes of pomelo, tangerine, peony and plum blossom, let this candle and room spray set manifest the power of positive messages and wellness benefits for a prosperous year ahead. A great Chinese New Year gift for friends and family members this Year of the Tiger!

Send families and friends the gift of endless happiness with‘s CNY Gift Boxes! With delicious treats and drinks in each gift box, these exclusive gift boxes feature a gorgeous Lunar New Year aesthetic that will ring in the Year of the Tiger. 


Send the Happiness Gift Box for your loved ones to share on Chinese New Year with 2 drinks of choice, 400g of Red Velvet Cookies, a Mini Celebration Cake and an Angpao.  Want to gift something even more lavish? The Prosperity Gift Box includes 4 drinks of choice, a Lucky Nutella Horseshoe Cake, 400g of Pineapple Tarts, a Mini Celebration Cake and an Angpao. Perfect for wishing those you love a joyous year with plentiful blessings!

Gift families and friends the perfect Chinese New Year gift for their home with Airify from OGAWA! This air purifier eliminates and filters out harmful pollutants such as industrial emissions, pollen, allergens and smoke odours for fresh, clean air. 


This is one of the best gifts for Chinese New Year for them to do some spring cleaning without sweeping away all the good luck!

Gift wines that pair well with many Chinese New Year goodies with Cellarmaster Wines’ range of wine gift sets! 


Whether it’s a single bottle of luxury like the Nipozzano Cru Mormoreto 2015 and the Philipponnat Cuvee 1522 2012 or a gift set like the La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2011 With Decanter and the Muga Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2014 With Decanter Set, you can never go wrong with these wine gifts for Chinese New Year. Spread the joy and let your loved ones indulge in these wines for a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration!

Health is wealth! Send the gift of good health to families and friends with Eu Yan Sang Gift Cards. Recognised for its high quality and standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Eu Yan Sang offers a range of products that provide a much-needed health boost to all. 


The best Chinese New Year gift to wish your loved ones plenty of good health and happiness in the year ahead!

Combining the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Malay and Indonesian Jamu and Indian Ayurvedic medicines with real science, Asmara creates drinks that kickstart a healthy mind and body. Asmara ensures top-quality results by infusing all-natural Asian ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, ginseng and more while retaining a flavourful and delicious taste. 


Send gorgeous health gift sets like the Immunity Gift Set or the Wellness Gift Set and let your loved ones enjoy the benefits of prebiotics and various herbs. Perfect for sending to family and friends to usher in the new year with good health!

Giving gifts is never easy, but it’s especially difficult during Chinese New Year. Be mindful of the Chinese taboos and superstitions when selecting a gift for your family and friends and ensure that your gift does not violate any of them. 


Never underestimate the importance of giving gifts to keep Chinese New Year traditions alive! Embrace the Year of the Tiger with this list of Chinese New Year gifts from Giftano that will undoubtedly bring your family and friends closer together during this auspicious occasion. Happy Chinese New Year! 

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The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

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