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Appreciating Your Loved Ones Through Their Love Languages

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Do you struggle to express your affection to those you care about in a meaningful way? Everyone has their preferred way of being loved and showing love, and it may differ from you. With this extensive guide, Giftano aims to educate and share the art of appreciating your loved ones through their love languages. 

What do love languages mean?

A person’s love language shows how they receive love. There are five love languages in total, and they describe the way we feel love and appreciation. You may feel love differently than someone else does and sometimes, it can be a little frustrating when your show of love isn’t being received well.


Understanding these five different love language types will help you to gain a better understanding of the person to achieve their needs and expectations. 


Developed by author and counsellor Dr. Gary Chapman, the five love languages include Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts.


friends happily drinking coffee together

What it means: Compliments and words of encouragement


Those with Words of Affirmation as a love language tend to value verbal acknowledgements of love and verbal connection with their loved ones. It’s all about expressing your affection through praise, affection and plenty of “I love you”s


Whether it’s through a written note or spoken verbally, they take joy in knowing you are proud of them or told that they’re doing well. When someone has Words of Affirmation as a love language, be sure to avoid not recognising or appreciating their efforts. 


Try writing a heartfelt letter about how much you appreciate having them in your life or complimenting them. Remember, sometimes, even the littlest gesture matters!


couple walking and spending quality time in a park

What it means: Giving them your undivided attention.


Having your undivided attention is something that people with Quality Time as a love language crave. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s the time spent together that matters. 


Sit down for a chat or go for walks… All they want is for you to be actively listening and engaging with them. Get rid of any distractions and dedicate your time to be with them. Be sure to engage in eye contact and make them feel heard.


Know a couple who could use some time together? Let them experience and try something new together when you gift them creative workshops, adrenaline-rushing experiences or sit down for a fancy fine-dining experience. Made too many rain-checks with someone? Surprise them with a gift card as a promise to spend more time with them!


boyfriend lying down on girlfriend's lap

What it means: Using body language and touch to express love.


People with the Physical Touch love language feel loved when they receive physical affection. They crave the close proximity of their loved ones and usually make intimacy a priority in most relationships. 


Expressing your love through physical touch can be as platonic as giving a friend a hug when you haven’t met them in a while or as intimate as giving your partner a peck on the lips after a long day at work. 


If you’re not a “touchy-feely” person from the get-go, try slowly initiating touch with a hand on the shoulder, or a slight brushing of hands. The smallest gesture goes a long way in demonstrating your willingness to show some love.


washing dirty dishes in the sink

What it means: Offering a helping hand.


Some people feel the most appreciated and loved when people do nice things for them. With Acts of Service as their primary love language, they appreciate it when someone goes out of their way to help ease their workload and make their lives just a tad bit more bearable. 


To them, actions speak louder than words. Instead of just saying “I love you”, you can show it to them by doing the chores without being asked, or surprising them with a home-cooked dinner. 


Be proactive and take some initiative! Looking around and seeing if you can find something to do that will help to make things a little easier for those you care about is one of the best ways to go about appreciating your loved ones through their love languages.


daughter giving mother a gift

What it means: Giving gifts as a visual symbol of love.


Aside from birthday gifts or anniversary presents, surprising your loved ones with a small gift at the end of a long day can go a long way. It can even be their favourite flower or a pair of movie tickets to their favourite show. It’s not about how much the gift costs, it’s all about the symbolic thought behind the gift that matters to people whose love language is receiving gifts. They feel appreciated when you surprise them with a gift that shows how much you care about them.


Something as simple as buying their favourite snacks when you’re out grocery shopping shows that you know them well enough to know what makes them happy. When you take time to carefully pick out a gift that’s specifically for them, it shows the amount of thought and care you put into finding the perfect gift, and that’s what really has an impact on them!


Big or small, every single gift or gesture is an act of love that is highly appreciated by anyone of this love language. Watch their faces light up when you give thoughtful gifts that hold a special meaning to them. 


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How do Love Languages help?

Of course, most people have a combination of the five love languages and that’s okay! There is no perfect way of determining one’s love language, but a good tip to note is that our primary love language is usually how we display love to others. If you find yourself singing plenty of praise for someone you care for, it’s more than likely you prefer to be loved with Words of Affirmation.  


Someone’s love language type may also change occasionally and can vary depending on who they’re seeking affection from. For example, their primary love language may be Acts of Service but when it comes to their parents, they prefer Words of Affirmation instead. 


Appreciating your loved ones through their love languages can help you in bonding and creating a closer rapport to enhance your relationships with them. Speaking to your loved ones with their primary love language can help to foster a better understanding of each other thus resulting in a healthier relationship. By understanding someone’s love language, you’ll have an easier time recognising when it’s being displayed towards you and you can show affection towards them in a way that they will also recognise better. Be patient with one another and remember that a healthy relationship requires both parties to be flexible and adapt!

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