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What Are Experience Gifts and Why Are They More Meaningful?

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What are Experience Gifts

What are Experience Gifts?

Experience gifts can come in many forms, from spa treatments to creative workshops or unique dining experiences. While material gifts have been around for many years, an experience gift provides them with a life experience or a lifelong memory that they can cherish forever.


So if experience gifts are so great, why aren’t they more of a norm? Mainstream media constantly depicts gifts as something you can physically unwrap or unbox, making us automatically associate any gifting occasion with material items. But it’s time to change that. Let’s make gift-giving a more joyous experience for both you and the recipient. 


The next time you’re looking for a birthday gift for friends or a unique Christmas gift for your loved ones, consider gifting an experience that they’d love to try! Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why experience gifts make better gifts for almost any occasion!

6 Reasons Why Experiences Make Better Gifts

1. Experience Gifts provide a lasting memory.

Experience Gifts Create a Lasting Memory

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Everyone loves a high-quality gift that will last for a long time, but a good experience gift provides them with a memory that they can cherish forever. A study done in 2014 revealed that in comparison to material gifts, experience gifts tend to make us happier than we think. Even if it were a fleeting moment, your loved ones would never forget how your experience gift impacted them or made them feel when they got to experience it on their own. If it were an experience gift that they can share with someone they love, they’d even get to look back and reminisce about the good times spent with their partner.

2. Experience Gifts can spark a passion.

Experience Gifts Can Spark a Passion

Having the chance to experience something new is something everyone would love! Ask an elder about something they regret in their life, and you may get an answer along the lines of not being able to experience more in their younger years. If you’ve ever heard them say, “I would love to try that someday!” or “I wish I could do that!” — this is your chance to surprise them with an experience gift to help realise their dreams. 


Whether it’s a dining experience gift to a new restaurant, a unique sport or a creative workshop they have never attended before, the excitement that comes with the opportunity to experience something new is unbeatable. These experiences may end up sparking a passion within them, opening up a whole new world of endless possibilities.

3. Experience gifts will always be appreciated.

Experience Gifts Can Prevent Regifting

You can have too many material items, but never too many experiences. Instead of cluttering someone home with another boring mug, gift an experience instead to let them bring home a new skill and memory. 


If you know someone who loves scents, opt for a candle-making workshop or perfume-making workshop. If your loved one is a big fan of leather goods, send them to a leather crafting workshop to see what happens behind the scenes! Let them make memories while bringing home a cherished gift. After all, simple moments often become priceless memories — and no one can ever take these memories away from them.

4. Experience Gifts offer the feeling of excitement.

Experience Gifts Offer Excitement

Have you ever felt so excited about something that you have had trouble sleeping the night before? That feeling of excitement and anticipation is not something you can easily buy from a store, which is exactly what makes an experience gift so incredible! 


A 2014 study in Psychological Science found that people found greater happiness and satisfaction from the anticipation of experiential purchases. Unlike waiting for a material item to arrive, waiting to experience an activity or event is met with much more enthusiasm. Let your loved ones feel joy before the activity has even begun with the best experience gifts!

5. Experience gifts will never go wrong.

Shopping for Experience Gifts is Easier

It may be tougher to think of a specific item that your loved one will like compared to a particular activity or experience that your loved one will enjoy. When you shop for a material gift for a loved one, there may be many factors to consider. Do they already have this item? Is this their preferred colour? With experience gifts, be it a unique dining experience, thrilling activity or spa experience, you can be sure that it will be something that they will appreciate.


If they enjoy pottery as a hobby, a therapeutic pottery-making workshop is a thoughtful gift to expand their knowledge while picking up new skills. Or surprise them with a thrilling activity like an indoor skydiving experience to cross skydiving off their bucket list. Buying an experience gift relevant to their interests shows that you listen and care about their hobbies and passions in life! 

6. Experience gifts are unique and tend to be more meaningful.

Experience Gifts Are More Meaningful

Experiences, when given in the form of a gift, hold significantly more meaning and value to the recipient. Compared to receiving a box of chocolates, the recipient of a chocolate-making workshop for 2 walks away with a new life experience, a new skill and a lifelong memory that they can cherish forever.

Ready to start gifting an experience to your loved ones to celebrate a special occasion? Here are some excellent experience gift ideas you can find on!

1. Leather Crafting Workshops from Crafune

Know an artistic friend who loves playing around with new mediums? Then they’ll surely love a leather crafting workshop from Crafune! An excellent experience gift to let them explore their creative side as they learn the tips and tricks in the process of leather crafting using high-quality vegetable-tanned leather products. They’ll even get to bring home their own creations and proudly wear them out. 


Crafune offers a wide variety of workshops, including the 3 Small Accessories Workshop, where they get to craft a Key Hodler, Coin Pouch and Card Sleeves, the Bifold Wallet Workshop, Cross Body Bag Workshop and many more! And if you’re looking to really splurge on your best friend, the Backpack Workshop or the Handbag Workshop is the perfect workshop experience gift for them! 

If your friend is a true daredevil with no fear, an indoor skydiving experience from iFly Singapore will surely get their adrenaline pumping! Guided by professional flyers, let them enjoy the act of defying gravity in the most realistic skydiving experience that’s as close as the real deal. A great experience gift to surprise friends with, especially if skydiving is on their bucket list!


The Challenge Package includes 2 skydives lasting 45-60 seconds each, complete with a Flight Certificate that allows them to return to iFly without going through the basics and preflight training again. This is the most exhilarating experience gift Singapore has to offer to those who love a little thrill!

Treat your friends to a wholesome pizza party at Publico Ristorante! The Pizza Al Metro and Bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine is the perfect dining experience gift for them to host a get-together or catch-up session with their friends and family. Let them choose any 3 pizzas to create their table showpiece, together with their choice of Prosecco, White or Red Wine. 


Give your friends a casual dining experience at Publico Ristorante to celebrate a special occasion with their loved ones. They will leave the place with a satisfied tummy and an unforgettable memory of this special day.

What could be more fun than travelling back in time or experiencing the moon landing? Give your friends an immersive virtual room experience to look forward to at Virtual Room Singapore


Let them explore different time periods and solve various challenges and puzzles by working as a team to save the world in under 45 minutes. Available in solo or groups of 2, 3 and 4, each player gets their own dedicated room where they can move freely. This is the best experience gift for friends who would love a mind-blowing gaming experience for the ultimate thrill!

Have your friends been feeling a little down lately? Encourage them to release their inner frustrations with one of the most unique experience gifts Singapore has to offer from The Fragment Room! The Rage Room Experience provides a safe space for them to get rid of their stress and worries by smashing items such as plates, glasses, electronic appliances and more to their heart’s content. 


If they don’t feel like talking about their problems, this rage room experience is all they need to let off some steam. The Rage Room Experience is a great gift for friends to know that you’ll always have their back.

Send the lovebirds on a culinary journey through a multi-sensory dining experience at NOX – Dine in the Dark! The couple will be served and guided by visually-impaired hosts, with their sense of sight temporarily taken away due to the pitch-black darkness. Let the couple take a step into their world and experience what it’s like to be visually impaired. The most memorable dining experience in Singapore, the couple will walk away with a change in the way they view the world. 


With their other senses heightened, let them discover the mystery dishes served to them and have them guess afterwards! With no electronic devices allowed (due to the light it emits), NOX – Dine in the Dark provides a romantic and intimate setting without distractions for the couple to share their love of food over quality conversations. The ultimate dining experience gift for couples to enjoy a memorable dinner for 2 together!

If having dinner on a boat seems like a dream come true to your favourite pair, gift them a dinner cruise aboard the Royal Albatross, the only luxury Tall Ship in Singapore! A unique wedding gift or anniversary gift for couples to enjoy a unique dining experience while sailing out in Singapore’s calm waters, they’ll surely want to keep a memory of that moment forever.


Whether it’s the Sunset Dinner Cruise or the City Lights Dinner Cruise, let the lovely couple take in the alluring sights of Singapore’s city skyline while indulging in a delicious 3-course dinner under the night sky. Send the couple a romantic dining experience with this 2.5-hour cruise — one of the best experience gifts Singapore has for couples to experience something new and special on their next date! 

Give the couple a head-to-toe pampering session at Aramsa the Garden Spa with a couples spa experience! Whether it’s a wedding gift or anniversary gift for your favourite couple, Aramsa the Garden Spa offers various spa treatments that will rejuvenate and refresh their bodies. 


Send them on a mini-vacation to Bali with the Bali Getaway Experience for 2, which includes 3 different Bali-inspired treatments to rejuvenate the body. For couples who prefer a more tropical ambience, the Exotic Coconut Treat for 2 is the perfect spa experience gift for them! Thoughtful and luxurious, the couple will be eternally grateful for this chance to relax and unwind with each other amidst their hectic lifestyles.

For the couple who enjoys having dinner dates at home with a glass of wine, why not gift them a wine appreciation class for 2 from Fine Wines Singapore?


The Introduction to French Wines for 2 is a workshop that will teach them all about the different types of French Wines, learning how to differentiate them, proper wine appreciation techniques and the best wine pairings. This workshop allows the couple to discover their wine palate and gain a deeper appreciation for their favourite wines! If they prefer a more intimate wine tasting experience, the Private Wine Class for 2 allows them to host it in the comfort of their own home with a single wine educator to guide them. One of the best experience gifts for couples to look forward to!

Do they have a knack for the arts? Gift the couple a therapeutic pottery-making workshop to get their creative juices flowing! With the Wheel Throwing Experience for 2 from Terra & Ember, the couple can learn the basics of pottery and how to mould and transform it into a one-of-a-kind vessel. They will walk away with a new memory, skill and 2 unglazed bisque-fired ceramic pots to remember this experience by.


For a cuter pottery experience, gift the Mini Potters Experience for 2 instead! Let them create little clay vessels, experiment with different shapes on a tiny pottery wheel, and bring home up to 3 miniature ceramic pots. An incredible experience gift idea for couples to bond over a new hobby together!

Whether it’s for your mum, girlfriend, wife or friend, she’ll definitely appreciate a much-needed pampering session from Aleyda Mobile Spa


Aleyda Mobile Spa provides mobile spa treatments that accommodate anyone’s needs, such as the Aleyda Signature Full-Body Oil Massage, Shiatsu Massage or the Back Rub & Foot Reflexology. Let her enjoy a spa day to herself right from the comfort of her own home with a plush treatment table, aromatherapy, fresh linen, music and the expert care of the best massage therapists. This is the most thoughtful experience gift for her to feel relaxed and renewed!

Let her know that it’s okay to take some time for herself. Gift her a Classic Spa Gel Pedicure from The Nail Artistry, one of Singapore’s most renowned nail salons. 


It starts with a rejuvenating spa where her feet will be soaked and scrubbed with sea salt and deep dermal wrap. With a hydrating feet massage, the nail specialist will then shape, buff, scrub, massage and give her a beautiful coat of gel polish. She’ll surely be grateful to you for this pampering nail care experience, especially if she takes great pride in the way she presents herself!

Give her the chance to create her own candles with her favourite scents! Whether she’s a beginner trying something new or want to advance her candle-making skills, Sally’s Room will provide her with the proper space to unleash her creativity. Gift her the Beginner Soy Wax Candle-Making Class or the Beginner Palm Wax Candle-Making Class to gain a new skill in her repertoire.


For advanced candlemakers, the 4-hour Advanced Soy Wax Candle-Making Class workshop experience will bring their candle-making skills to the next level. A candle-making workshop from Sally’s Room is genuinely one of the best experience gifts for her!

Treat her tummy to a spread of the best Italian dishes at OSO Ristorante! Featuring new and seasonal dishes across different Italian regions, this 4-Course Italian Regions Lunch for 2 is perfect for her to spend some time with you or a loved one.


With a beautiful city view and top-notch service, let her enjoy a memorable dining experience at OSO Ristorante, an Italian restaurant noted for its excellent cuisine.

Know someone who is constantly posting Instagram stories about their workout? Instead of splurging on more activewear that she probably already has enough of, why not give her an exercise routine that she has not experienced before? The 5-Sessions FloatFit HIIT/Yoga on Water from Skyline Aqua is the perfect experience gift for fitness enthusiasts like her! Using a specially designed floating exercise mat, she’ll have the best time tuning her core muscles and improving her body and mental balance.

Does he think that self-grooming is a hassle? Make grooming less of a tedious chore and more of a luxurious pampering experience with the Ultimate Shaving Experience at Truefitt & Hill! This experience includes a Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave paired with a deeply relaxing face massage that will get him to unwind and relax. 


Treat him to a day of self-care and grooming because men deserve some pampering too. He will walk away with confidence and memories of this luxurious pampering experience, a thoughtful experience gift for men to indulge in!

Know someone who loves golf? Show that you care about his passion and hobby with a golfing experience at Sentosa Golf Club, the most luxurious gift you can give him!


As the region’s most exclusive golf club, Sentosa Golf Club offers two world-class golf courses for any avid golfer to enjoy. With scenic views of the city skyline, let him have some fun in the sun at the Serapong or New Tanjong Golf Course to hone his golf skills. He’ll truly appreciate this great Weekend 18-Hole Golf Round experience gift!

If he loves his craft beers, he’ll surely enjoy a Unique Brewery Tour at the world’s highest urban microbrewery, LeVeL33! Instead of simply gifting him a box of craft beers, this unique brewery tour will give him an insight into the brewing process as he explores LeVeL33’s specially developed setup that features 12 tanks and 2 copper kettles. He’ll gain a deeper appreciation for his favourite beverage, making his next drinking session even more pleasurable. 


After the 30-minute guided tour, he’ll even get a taste of LeVeL33’s regular and seasonal brews and a delectable tasting platter to share. The perfect experience gift for friends who are beer enthusiasts!

The perfect dining venue for any guy who loves a good steak, Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse will surely provide him with a fulfilling dining experience! Touted as the 13th best steakhouse in the world, surpassing even Michelin-starred restaurants, Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse evokes a warm Italian farmhouse feel with brick walls and cosy leather booths. 


Treat him to the Degustation Menu with Wine Pairing, featuring a carefully curated menu of 5 excellent courses, each paired with a glass of wine. Bistecca’s exclusive organic-fed Wagyu-cross are seared over a wood-fired grill, providing the steak with a smoky and flavourful balance of taste, tenderness and texture. Let him experience it for himself with this dining experience gift!

For the adventurer, let him destress at Singapore’s only axe-throwing range while trying out a new extreme sport that’s taking Singapore by storm! Axe Factor offers a unique and thrilling axe-throwing experience that will get his blood pumping with adrenaline. 


Available for a solo experience or in groups of 3, 4 and 5, Axe Factor’s one-of-a-kind experience is the perfect way for him to destress as he hurls his frustrations at a target board. An axe-throwing experience is undoubtedly one of the best experience gifts Singapore has to offer!

Regardless of the occasion, an experience gift is one of the best gift ideas you can give to someone you love! Perfect as a Christmas gift, appreciation gift or a birthday gift for friends and family, you can be sure that they will be thankful to have the chance to experience their favourite hobbies or try something new in their life. Want to see more excellent experience gift ideas Singapore has to offer? Browse all the best experience gifts on, and send them instantly and digitally via email or WhatsApp using Giftano’s Digital Gifting feature!

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