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6 Chinese New Year Gifts To Bring Luck, Fortune & Health For Loved Ones

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It seems like the year just started, but we’re already hopping right into the festivities — that’s right, it’s Chinese New Year! Instead of turning up empty-handed this CNY, here’s a list of Chinese New Year gifts to bring your loved ones extra luck, fortune and health this year.


Now, Chinese New Year gifts are mostly given to wish a loved one well and to, hopefully, bring them much-needed luck throughout the year. That’s why it’s important to get the right CNY gift. To help you avoid the many taboos surrounding CNY gifts, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular Chinese New Year gifts and dug a little into their symbolism too.

#1. Tea

While no longer commonly practised in Singapore, offering a cup of tea to elders used to be a tradition during the Chinese New Year — it’s only after this particular ritual that the younger generations get to receive their highly sought-after ang bao (red envelopes).


Still, a gift of tea is considered to also be a gift of good health. Elevate this Chinese New Year gift with a lucky pineapple tea gift set that blooms when steeped, or let your loved ones experience a tea demonstration for two, where they get to learn traditional ways of brewing tea for additional health benefits!


Here’s why you should gift an experience this Chinese New Year.

#2. Oranges

Oranges and tangerines are believed to be auspicious symbols. In Chinese culture, the words “mandarin orange” directly translate to “gold and wealth in abundance”. Additionally, giving Mandarin oranges sounds like “giving gold” in Cantonese (“Song Gam”). The fact that they’re vibrant orange — an auspicious colour — is an added bonus. Orange you glad to find out their significance now? 


Aside from the obvious ties to fortune, the fruits themselves are commonly exchanged in pairs or gifted in hampers! The Dendrobium & Assorted Fruits Red Oval Basket comes with an assortment of fruit, but most importantly 2 oranges in a vibrant red oval basket for a bit of extra luck. It’s available with same-day or next-day delivery too, a perfect Chinese New Year gift if you’re in a time crunch.

#3. Bird's Nest

The bird’s nest, or “Caviar of the East”, used to be traditionally reserved for only the emperor and royalty. While more accessible today, it’s still revered as a high-end speciality item that comes with plenty of (and proven) health benefits: For one, the bird’s nest contains a water-soluble protein that stimulates cell division and muscle repair — enhancing the complexion while bolstering the immune system to fight off diseases? Sounds like just the thing for longevity, and that is what it means to gift bottles of bird’s nest during Chinese New Year.


Let your loved ones shop from a wide range of bird’s nest products with a thoughtful Eu Yan Sang Gift Card, or send them a Healthy Hamper filled with a curated selection of tonics right to the doorstep.

#4. Lucky Flowers

If you’ve been to Chinatown during Chinese New Year, you’ll see flowers and plants flying off the shelves. And it’s no surprise why — some have significant ties to Feng Shui, and how they’re arranged in a home can bring good fortune, wealth, and even relationship luck.


However, there’s no real need to join the throng of people shopping at the brick and mortar, many of these lucky flowers, including the popular orchid for abundance and the red anthurium for prosperity, are now available with same-day or next-day delivery on Now that’s an actual life hack for Chinese New Year gifting!

#5. God Of Fortune Figurines

It’s only fitting that the icon of Chinese New Year, the God of Fortune, be gifted for prosperity. Said to bestow riches to their devotees, Caishen Ye, will be a welcome addition to any home. This set of 5 adorable miniature figurines just so happens to be perfectly unobtrusive.

#6. Wine

No, it’s not an excuse to drink more wine, but in mainland China baijiu, or Chinese White Wine, holds cultural significance, and represents peace, health and prosperity. While it might be harder to find in Singapore, a bottle of red is a reliable stand-in — according to data from IWSR Drinks Market Analysis and Statista, retails of red wine were valued at US$64 billion in 2018 in the Chinese market, and it shows no sign of stopping.


Plus, we know that the colour red is closely associated with luck, prosperity and fortune, which makes a bottle of red a great pick! Send your own as a well-meaning Chinese New Year gift to friends and family, especially those who’d enjoy it to their heart’s content.

More Chinese New Year Gifts On

Chinese New Year Gifts For Friends And Family

We’re just scratching the surface with these, there are plenty of options including Chinese New Year gift hampers, homeware to help with the spring-cleaning and household organisation, gift cards to get your loved ones fitted out for the celebrations, and more! Whatever you choose, just remember to select the right colours — reds, golds, oranges, and yellows are the failsafe options!

Plus, with digital gifting, you can send them instantly via email or WhatsApp or schedule them for later as surprise Chinese New Year gifts!

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