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Antidote Juice: Thoughtful Gifts for Health & Wellness

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Antidote Juice Thoughtful Gifts for Wellness

About Antidote

Made for the health-conscious urbanite, Antidote is a Singapore-based cold-press juice company that seeks to bridge innovation and nutrition in its products. Designed to enhance the overall well-being of every individual, Antidote’s juice packs & juice cleanses make thoughtful gifts for friends trying to lead a healthier lifestyle!


Enhance a loved ones’ health and well-being through Antidote‘s delicious and nutritious juice packs & juice cleanses! Carefully crafted with the best quality natural ingredients, these juices help both the mind and body function at the highest level.

But, what exactly is a juice cleanse?

Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse refers to a type of diet that involves consuming only juices extracted from vegetables and fruits. A juice cleanse improves digestion, boosts the immune system and aids the liver in flushing out toxins from one’s body. Usually taken as a meal replacement for the entire period of the juice detox programme, these detoxifying juice cleanses are great for improving overall health or assisting in weight loss.


Focusing on fresh ingredients and organic superfoods, Antidote‘s wide selection of juices and nutmylks are both delicious to drink and beneficial for the body. 


The Giftano team was fortunate enough to get our hands on Antidote‘s Signature Six Juice Pack for a taste test! Read on to find an honest review on how these tantalising flavours taste before sending these thoughtful wellness gifts to your friends!

‘Signature Six’ Taste Test

The Signature Six features 6 of Antidote’s most popular flavours including Sweet Greens, Immunity Tonic, Summer Breeze, Sunny Citrus, Green Electrolytes and Earthy Electrolytes. Each with a distinct flavour and its own set of health benefits, these juices are available in 2 sizes, 250ml and 500ml. 

Sweet Greens

Antidote Sweet Greens

Sweet Greens is chock full of ingredients that help the skin thrive, such as Red Apple, Lemon, Japanese Cucumber, Celery, Lucuma and Baobab. This cold-pressed juice has a high concentration of antioxidants that may help to reverse signs of ageing and fight free radical damage for a radiant and youthful complexion!

How does it taste?

Served cold, Sweet Greens is highly refreshing and cooling for the body. It has a nice element of sweetness to its taste, which is likely derived from the red apple. This well-balanced juice tastes almost like a healthy salad, the perfect gift for friends who love refreshing flavours.

Immunity Tonic

Antidote Immunity Tonic

Glowing in a luminous yellow, the Immunity Tonic is a nourishing combination of Orange, Lemon, Coconut Water, Lucuma, Baobab, Burdock Root and Probiotics. Orange, Lemon, Lucuma, and Baobab provide the body with a high amount of vitamin C — a strong antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radical damage. Burdock Root helps draw toxins from the blood while Probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut, thus strengthening and building the immune system.

How does it taste?


Light and refreshing, the Immunity Tonic tastes just like mild orange juice! This delightful drink offers a good source of vitamin C and is especially suitable for those who dislike juices with high acidity. A great juice to kickstart the day with!

Summer Breeze

Antidote Summer Breeze

Like a cooling breeze on a hot summer day, Summer Breeze is a refreshing drink that helps fight against Singapore’s warm weather. It contains Orange, Red Apple, Watermelon, Lemon, Lucuma and Baobab, which are great for replenishing fluids in one’s body. The perfect juice for hydration!

How does it taste?


Refreshing with a hint of sweetness and a strong watermelon flavour, Summer Breeze is one of our personal favourites! Easy to drink, Summer Breeze is a safe option to gift if you are unsure of your recipient’s taste preference!

Sunny Citrus

Antidote Sunny Citrus Juice Pack

Rich in vitamin C and other minerals, Sunny Citrus is the perfect juice to get that flawless, glowing skin. This juice is a delightful concoction of Carrot, Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Coconut Water, Probiotics and Lucuma. This nutritious drink helps cleanse the skin, boost the body’s immunity system, and aid digestion.

How does it taste?


Refreshing and tangy, Sunny Citrus will surely tickle your taste buds. With its sour and citrusy flavour, Sunny Citrus is the perfect thirst-quencher to beat the heat and hydrate the body while doubling up as a perk-me-up in the mornings! Sunny Citrus would make an excellent gift for friends & colleagues who need a little boost before getting started on their day!

Green Electrolytes

Antidote Green Electrolytes Juice Pack

Maintaining good electrolyte levels helps to reduce fatigue and stress levels while relaxing the muscle. The Green Electrolytes juice is high in electrolytes that are critical for blood volume and improves heart health while preventing dehydration. It contains Coconut Water, Green Apple, Lemon, Spinach, Astragalus Extract, Japanese Cucumber, Sacha Inchi, Mint and Parsley, especially perfect as a post-workout drink! If your gift recipient is an active individual, this might be their favourite!

How does it taste?


Green Electrolytes is the most refreshing out of all the Signature Six juices! Minty, almost like a palate cleanser, the Green Electrolytes can be enjoyed as a healthy beverage after a hearty lunch break. A great gift for colleagues in the office who are often seen with a juice in hand! 

Earthy Electrolytes

Antidote Earthy Electrolytes Juice Pack

Great for weight loss, Earthy Electrolytes consists of Grapefruit, Coconut Water, Red Apple, Lemon, Milk Thistle and Ginger. Grapefruit and Coconut are low in calories and help boost metabolism rate while improving the body’s fat-burning abilities. Milk Thistle aids the liver in detoxification, a crucial organ for breaking down fat. 

How does it taste?


Cooling, fragrant and palatable, Earthy Electrolytes delights the taste buds with a hint of a spicy aftertaste from the ginger. The coconut water makes the entire drink refreshingly enjoyable, an excellent perk-me-up for the mornings or to fight food comas after lunch. 

Altogether, the Signature Six and Signature Six Deluxe contain a variety of exquisite signature juices that are delicious to drink and beneficial to the body! These delightfully palatable cold-pressed juices provide a multitude of health benefits, the perfect gift to encourage health & wellness in a loved one’s life.

Send A Thoughtful Gift from Antidote

Antidote Juice Thoughtful Gifts for Wellness

Show them how much you care for them and support their journey towards leading a healthier lifestyle with these thoughtful gifts from Antidote! Send these juice packs & juice cleanses to your loved ones via email or WhatsApp on

The Giftano team also did a Blind Taste Test with Antidote’s Signature Six juice pack! Watch the video below to see how we did.

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