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How to Practise Mindfulness in the Workplace

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The term mindfulness can seem pretty straightforward at first glance, and it is a quality all of us possess; however, not all of us know how to access it.

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment through a gentle, nurturing lens. The ability to properly process our emotions while being mindful of others in our surroundings can lay the foundation for a more cohesive and well-bonded workplace environment!


The majority of employees in Singapore spend most of their week at the workplace, and in order to build long-lasting relationships between coworkers, it is crucial for employees to practise mindfulness in the workplace!

Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

Better Workplace Relationships

Better Workplace Relationships

Positive relationships between coworkers can buffer the effects of workplace stressors and improve employee communication, performance and overall well-being. Some studies suggest that mindfulness training may be linked to social connectedness, highlighting the critical role that mindfulness can play in workplace relationships and organisational performance.

Employees who practise mindfulness in the workplace are also more inclined to show acceptance toward coworkers without reacting negatively, paving the way for a more inclusive workplace.


Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Employees who practise mindfulness at work have shown an increase in cognitive function and decreased rumination. People who actively remind themselves to be mindful have also demonstrated a significant increase in productivity as they are able to regulate themselves consistently.


Furthermore, adopting a mindful mindset lowers the risk of making mistakes due to forgetfulness or distractions, leading to fewer mistakes made at work and an overall increase in productivity.

Better Intuition

Better Intuition

Mindfulness can also positively influence an employee’s decision-making skills. It encourages people to be aware of their “gut feelings,” and it has been argued that tapping into these instincts can help employees perform better on tasks they are strong in.

How Your Employees May Practise Mindfulness at Work for Improved Productivity

how to practice mindfulness at work

Have you ever stepped into the office with a concrete plan and found yourself clocking out with little to no work done at the end of the day? If you do, your employees probably have had unproductive days like that too.


With plenty of responsibilities and distractions vying for our attention, a lack of mindfulness is a common problem that plagues even your most hardworking employees in the organisation. Here are some mindful practices you may apply in the office to raise productivity levels!

1. Meditate


People who don’t meditate often find their minds drifting away from work. Incorporating meditation breaks during their shift can potentially benefit your employees and the organisation, bringing your team back to the present moment and breaking the habit of rumination at work. This will help them perform better under pressure and empathise with others.


Here are some quick & simple mindful meditation exercises you can encourage your employees to practise at work:

Sitting meditation

sitting meditation

Sitting on any chair with the back straight, feet flat on the floor with hands on the lap, keep the focus on breathing through the nose while noting down any physical sensations or thoughts that disrupt the meditation process.


Encourage your employees to follow these steps to perform sitting meditation for 3-5 minutes a day to monitor if there is a positive shift in their emotions at work. 

Walking Meditation

walking meditation

Allocate a quiet area in your office that has enough space for them to walk around. When your employees are practising walking meditation, remind them to focus on each step whilst being aware of their emotions. 

2. Take it Slow

Take It Slow

Understand that your employees are not robots! Be careful not to overload your employees with more than they can handle. Take time to listen to your employees if they voice their concerns about their workload. Biting off more than they can chew may cause harm to their mental health, causing them to be less productive at work. Studies have shown that multitasking requires one’s mind to keep up with the frequent switch of tasks, often losing bits of information in the process. This may result in less work being finished compared to what is expected.


To mitigate the bad habit of multitasking, implement a time journal system in the office and ask your employees to jot down a list of deliverables they hope to accomplish within a certain time frame. Ask them to work on each task individually, note down moments where they find themselves multitasking, and jot down the things they have accomplished within that time frame and how mindful they were throughout the period!



3. Practice Humility

Practice Humility

Encourage your employees to take moments out of their day to practise mindful exercises! Mindfulness is about being self-aware, being open to learning from others and being capable of receiving feedback! Mindful exercises can also cultivate humility, which helps them express gratitude towards others and recognise their contributions to their lives!


Here are 5 types of mindful exercises that you can share with your employees:

Mindful Listening

mindful listening
  • This exercise is meant to help your employees become better listeners, to listen to things intently, with neither biases nor judgement.
  • Get your employees to listen to a genre they have never heard of, and encourage them to appreciate the tones without judgement. Analyse the dynamics of each instrument and try to climb inside the track! Encourage them to perform this activity daily and see if it improves their listening skills when you’re talking to them or when they communicate with their coworkers!

Mindful Appreciation

mindful appreciation
  • Ask your employees to find 5 things that they are thankful for in their day. Be it objects or people, check off 5 things that they are appreciative of at the end of each day.
  • Although this exercise might seem redundant, it deactivates the ‘autopilot’ mode that occurs in their daily lives and reminds them to give thanks and appreciation to the things that might seem “insignificant”, such as the clothes that provide them with warmth or the glasses that help them see. These things sustain their existence but are often overlooked with the desire for better things

Mindful Awareness

mindful awareness
  • Mindful awareness exercises help cultivate a deeper appreciation of things that are often taken for granted. You may get your employees to choose a touchpoint in the day to think about the blessings these actions bring into their lives. For example, the moment they open up their computer to start work, they may take a moment to appreciate the hands that enable this process and the brain that facilitates their understanding of how a computer functions.

Mindful Observation

mindful observation
  • Your employees may practise mindful observation by focusing on a natural object while relaxing their mind and body to connect with its energy, understanding its purpose in this world and being consumed by its presence.

Mindful Breathing

mindful breathing
  • Designate a quiet area where your employees can sit down in peace at the office and ask them to take deep breaths in and out, slowly (6-8 seconds each breath). In the process, ask them to try and let go of things they have to complete later and be one with their breath. Monitor them and see if there is an improvement in your employees’ energy levels at work!

The Best Employee Appreciation Gifts to Encourage Mindfulness in the Workplace

To help kickstart the journey towards building a mindful environment at work, we have curated the best employee appreciation gift ideas to encourage mindfulness in the workplace!

Send your employees a relaxing experience at SPACE 2B with the Single Dropin experience gift! The Single Dropin experience at SPACE 2B includes one sound healing session, meditation and a yoga class.


SPACE 2B offers a variety of sound healing, meditation and somatic experiences, including immersive Tantra training to help one connect with their soul and feel their body. Promote mindfulness at work amongst your employees with this unique experience gift from Space 2B!

Journaling is a powerful tool for mindfulness training. Journaling helps sharpen one’s focus, increases positive thoughts while decreasing negative thoughts and can be performed anywhere. The Personalised A5 Saffiano Notebook from THEIMPRINT comes with 90 lined pages and a pocket at the back for convenience.


Perfect for jotting down their daily thoughts and to-do lists, this vegan leather notebook is a great personalised gift for employees to start practising mindfulness at work! 

Help your employees view the world from another pair of eyes. Give them a unique mind-altering sensory experience at NOX – Dine in the Dark with a 3-Course Mystery Set Menu for 2! Seated in their pitch-black dining room, your employees will enjoy an exquisite 3-Course Mystery Set Menu of 12 beautiful dishes crafted from the finest ingredients by their Chef de Cuisine and his team.


They will have an interactive dining experience served by visually impaired hosts where roles are reversed, and the blind become their eyes, opening their minds to a deeper consciousness. A vegetarian menu is available upon request, giving all guests the chance to enjoy this sensational modern European dining experience. 


Let your employees dine in complete darkness and gain a humbling experience of what the visually impaired hosts go through every day!

Relax – Lavender, Vetiver & Sweet Orange – Aromatherapy Roller Ball is a calming blend designed to create a sense of calm and well-being to soothe anxieties. Made of 100% natural product containing pure essential oils of sweet orange, lavender, Ylang Ylang, vetiver, and patchouli blended with pure Jojoba oil, this is the perfect gift for employees who often anticipate tension or anxiety.


Your employees may also use this essential oil roller ball to expedite relaxation at the end of the day post-exercise or a conference call. Show mindfulness toward employees who are often anxious or stressed out with this thoughtful gift.

Both yoga and mindfulness meditation try to calm the mind by cultivating a sense of focused attention, teaching one to pay attention to physiological sensations by being present in the moment. Gift your employees a 30-minute water-based yoga session with Skyline Aqua to encourage mindfulness! Let them enjoy the beautiful view over Singapore Flyer while tuning core muscles and improving both body and mental balance with a FloatFit HIIT/Yoga on Water experience. 

Gift your employees the extra boost with a “Yin” & “Yáng” Elixirs Gift Box from Aramsa, a gift set designed to help with stress, immunity, vitality, fatigue and mood! Promote mindfulness and inner peace by taking care of your employees’ immunity first! These elixirs are the best way to foster better health for the mind and body. Add to any hot beverage or soup, and let them enjoy and reap the many health benefits!

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The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

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