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33 Great Employee Appreciation Gifts by Occupation

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Employee Appreciation in Small Team

Whether you oversee thousands in a multinational corporation (MNC) or lead a lean team of five employees, you’ll realise that your team members are the key to your company’s success — and that they deserve more than just a paycheck for the dedication they put in.


They don’t need another mug with your logo on it — skip the inexpensive corporate gifts and surprise your employees with thoughtful gestures & practical solutions to improve their lives at work and home.


From artistic workshops to fuel your marketing team’s creativity to personal grooming experiences for your sales team to leave a lasting impression on their clients, here are 33 employee appreciation gifts by occupation.


Browse Gift Ideas by Occupation:

  1. Gifts for Marketers
  2. Gifts for Designers
  3. Gifts for Sales Team
  4. Gifts for IT Professionals
  5. Gifts for HR Professionals
  6. Gifts for Finance & Support Team
  7. Gifts for All Employees

A strong marketing team can significantly impact a company’s growth and profitability. From card games to outdoor adventures, here are some great gift ideas for marketers to fuel their creativity and improve their skill set!

Make a marketer’s game night more enjoyable with this gift from TOYTAG, The Singaporean Dream: The New Normal! This latest edition of the original The Singaporean Dream is an interactive card game that allows players to pay, steal and ‘sabo’ their way to be the perfect Singaporean by collecting dreams.

Let your marketers get hands-on and creative with a candle-making workshop experience gift from Sally’s Room! The Beginner Soy Wax Candle-Making Class will introduce them to an interactive workshop experience, imparting new skills and techniques for candle-making with eco-friendly soy wax. After this 3-hour session, they will get to bring home a container candle with a pillar candle and an aroma wax ornament to scent up their home or workspace!

Your marketers may have to manage your company’s website or blog pages from time to time. Let them pick up basic coding skills from TOYTAG‘s Potato Pirates Coding Card Game! This game introduces fundamental computational thinking concepts in a gamified and fun way. An excellent gift for employees to learn basic programming concepts through 30 minutes of gameplay!

Let your marketers forget about social media for once and put their phones aside to network with like-minded fishing enthusiasts on a unique fishing trip to Southern Islands! With the Party Fishing Experience at Southern Islands for 1 experience gift from My Fishing Frenzy Academy, they will sail to Singapore’s Southern Islands on a private yacht and fish in the biggest local coral reef system under the guidance of fishing instructors. Let them stay connected to the sea with this 6-hour fishing experience and connect with people from all walks of life on the trip!

Equip your digital marketers & social media managers with fundamental photography skills that are required to curate quality content and build a solid online presence! The Essential Foundation Photography Course from School of Photography comprises four crucial photography courses; Camera Craft, Composition, Intermediate Photography and Night Photography. This training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review.


There will be five 2-hour sessions in the Essential Foundation course, and the sessions are a mixture of theory and practice for the optimal learning experience. At the end of the Essential Foundation: Five 2-Hours Sessions, your marketing team will learn how to tell a story through photo-taking effectively!

Be it a product designer, graphic designer or website designer, the designer’s responsibility is to accurately communicate the brand’s key message and product selling points to the target audience while leading them to a proper understanding. A designer’s role is crucial to any business in this digital age. Help your design team unlock more creative potential with unique workshop gifts or hands-on experiences! Here are some of the best employee appreciation gifts for designers in Singapore!

Give your designers insight into leather-crafting with a Leather Zip Cardholder Workshop from Crafune! Let them personalise their Zip Cardholder Wallet by debossing or hot-stamping initials, names, words, dates and even phrases on their creation. They will be exposed to the fundamentals of leather making with the basic knowledge of leather, different types of essential leather crafting tools, scoring, cutting & glueing of leather, saddle stitching, edge finishing & burnishing, cleaning, and caring of leather. This workshop experience is the perfect employee appreciation gift for creatives!

Get your designers’ creative juices flowing with a hands-on Chic Desk Lamp workshop experience gift from Concrete Everything! Let them design their very own desk lamp to display in their work or living space. This unique concrete crafting workshop will surely leave a lasting impression on them!

Turn your designers into budding green thumbs with a Close Terrarium workshop experience gift! Let them experience the art of terrarium-making with the guidance of trained instructors in this 1-2 hour-long experience at The Green Capsule. They will get to create unique terrariums while gaining a deeper understanding of plant care and the terrarium’s environmental benefits! These beautiful green terrariums also double up as aesthetically-pleasing desk companions!

The Macaron Soap DIY Kit from NomadicPenguin allows them to make adorable macaron-inspired soaps using a plant-based oil soap base. Complete with an instructional video, give your designers a creative soap-making experience in the comfort of their own homes.

The “Thank You Gift Box” by MIRA looks like it came straight out of your designer’s Pinterest mood board. This aesthetically-pleasing gift box includes a Pink Grapefruit Handcrafted Soap Bar and a White Shell-shaped Trinket Tray with a tea light candle. Say thank you to your employees for all the hard work they have put in with this thoughtful gift set!

Your salespeople are the face of the company. Let them leave a lasting impression on their clients with these thoughtful appreciation gifts for employees! From personal grooming experiences to accessories that complement their smart casual outfit, here are some of the best appreciation gifts for employees in the sales team!

They hustle hard to close deals for you, and the stress of chasing monthly sales targets may cause premature ageing for the individuals in your sales team. Treat your employees to a well-deserved Classic Facial Spa experience at Spa Infinity, a massage spa that combines time-honoured healing traditions with modern spa luxury.

Motivate your employees to meet monthly sales targets with an Insights Vacations Gift Card! Insight Vacations has made travelling in style possible. It believes that travel is not just about going to incredible places but immersing oneself in the experience and connecting with them personally. Let your employees choose from plenty of premium guided tours in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and more! An Insight Travel Director will take care of every little detail behind the scenes, from seamless hotel check-ins to priority access at landmark sites for a smooth and stress-free travelling experience. Send your employees on their dream vacation with this sales incentive!

Sometimes, your salespeople may spend hours on calls with clients, which can take a toll on their physical bodies and mental focus. The Conference Calls – Red Currant & Rhubarb – Reed Diffuser from To Be Calm is the perfect accompaniment to assist with focus. Calming while uplifting simultaneously, this reed diffuser features a delightful fragrance to keep the mind engaged with uplifting citrus and the rounded, fresh aroma of rhubarb. The perfect gift for employees who have their schedules filled with meetings, this reed diffuser is an excellent addition to their work or living space.

Help your sales team look the part with a bespoke Suit Package from The Bespoke Club! The Bespoke Club experience is a curated journey for those who desire the perfect quality and service. Let them be their own fashion designer and choose from the finest fabrics, latest trends and fine details! With the Suit Package, they will receive a tailor-made suit, 2 shirts and a tie. A thoughtful employee appreciation gift for your sales team!

Gift your male employees a classic VIVO Shaving Gift Set from MÜHLE to look clean and fresh for work every day! The VIVO 3-part shaving set includes a shaving brush with pure badger, Gillette Fusion razor with a 5-blade system, a metal chrome-plated soap dish and a stand. The VIVO Shaving Set is made of high-grade resin, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods, and each workpiece is polished in several phases to give the surface its special lasting gleam. The pure badger brush head is soft and more flexible than bristles, providing a slightly more substantial massage effect. The latest shaving system from Gillette features five blades and a precision edging blade on the back of the cartridge to ensure a close and gentle shave. A thoughtful employee appreciation gift for him!

Reward your female employees with a 1D Flat Lash Extension experience gift from The Lash Icon! The Lash Icon offers excellent eyelash and eyebrow consultations, services, and aftercare solutions that ensure maximum lash and brow retention with lash extensions customised to their preference and suitability. The Lash Icon’s 1D Flat Lash Extension routine of an hour and 30 minutes gives them flat lashes that are lightweight while providing a thicker and darker appearance in comparison to their Classic Eyelash Extensions. A natural look perfect for the office, the 1D Flat Lash Extension is an excellent employee appreciation gift for females in the sales team!

A Classic Spa Gel Manicure from The Nail Artistry is the safest gift idea for female employees! One of Singapore’s most renowned nail salons, The Nail Artistry specialises in quality manicures and pedicures that pay close attention to detail. With passionate and skilled nail artists, she will be in great hands with excellent customer service. Or, let her enjoy the other services they provide with The Nail Artistry Gift Cards!

The IT department is the backbone of any digitised company. The tech industry is composed of brilliant individuals who love a good challenge! They spend long hours on their chairs every day debugging and solving any issue thrown at them. These employees deserve more than a round of applause, so we have curated the best gift ideas to show them the appreciation they deserve!

With 50+ high tech gadgets and the latest animatronics, the 60-minute Trapped Escape Room Experience for 8 offers a variety of themed escape room concepts such as Carnevil and 28 Days of Night. Gift these tech geniuses a chance to put their problem-solving skills to the test and attempt to solve the puzzles before they hit the time limit! A great employee appreciation gift for team bonding.

Your employees in the IT department spend long hours on their chairs every day debugging and solving any issue thrown at them. Gift them the break they deserve with a 60-minute Aramsa Touch Signature Massage! The 60-minute Aramsa Touch Signature Massage is the perfect spa experience gift for employees who need a little break from their busy lives. Fusing eastern meridian and western classical massage techniques, this massage comes with medium pressure, as it aims to calm, soothe and rest both body and mind. It is a thoughtful appreciation gift for overworked employees!

Quarto Strategy Game is a quick play strategy game for all ages that requires careful observation. The playing pieces have 8 features that must be observed and managed at all times: Tall, Short, Light, Dark, Round, Square, Hollow Top and Solid Top. Any given piece has 4 of these features, and each player takes turns selecting an unused piece to give to the opponent. The game ends when a row of 4 pieces has 1 common feature. This tactical strategy board game is an excellent gift for employees in the IT department to help improve their mental focus!

If your IT team is too busy to visit a massage parlour, send them a 90-minute Back Rub & Foot Reflexology Massage that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home! Complete with fresh linen, spa music and expert care from the best therapists, the 90-minute Back Rub & Foot Reflexology session begins with invigorating foot reflexology for foot reconditioning and holistic health. Afterwards, they will move over to the ergonomic monkey chair for targeted remedial work on the neck, shoulders and back. This rejuvenating home massage experience is a thoughtful appreciation gift for IT employees!

Looking at the screen for long hours can strain the eyes and affect work efficiency. Send tech employees the OGAWA “Eye Touch Pro” for a refreshing eye massage that they can enjoy anytime. This airbag eye massager adopts intelligent Air Compressions with Heat Therapy, Acupressure Targeting and Vibration Therapy to massage the ocular region to relieve tired and strained eyes. Both portable and lightweight, this compact massage tool helps to improve eye health, reduce dark circles and eyebags on the go. This eye massager is an excellent employee appreciation gift for those in the tech team!

The one who keeps the company in check, the HR professional’s primary responsibility is to effectively manage a company’s human resources — which are its employees. Those working in the HR department are empathetic individuals who have a way with people. We put together some of the most incredible employee appreciation gifts to help HR practitioners grow their people skills and bond with their colleagues!

Gift your Human Resources team an outlet to release built-up stress with a Rage Room Experience for 3 at The Fragment Room! The Fragment Room is a rage room where they are encouraged to let down their walls and release their inner frustrations by smashing things. Send your employees to smash 3 crates of breakables with baseball bats and let them fully experience the exhilarating thrill of releasing pent-up anger with this unique experience gift!

Gift your HR employees a pizza party to share with their colleagues! Let them share quality food while having quality conversations with the Pizza Al Metro and Bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine set. This dining experience gift from Publico Ristorante is generously proportioned for up to 4 guests. They will be given the option to choose any 3 pizzas to create their table showpiece and a bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine to pair. The perfect spot for a casual hangout with vibrant music and a stunning riverfront view.

Sitting behind the screen for long periods of time can cause a massive strain on the back. The BetterBack from Interstellar Goods is the perfect fix for that! BetterBack is the next generation back support that allows one to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, thus easing and preventing back pain. Lightweight and portable, this best-selling back relief product makes every chair ergonomic. Just 15 minutes a day with BetterBack will retrain the back’s default posture! Featured on SharkTank, the BetterBack is a thoughtful appreciation gift for HR employees!

Keep your HR employees feeling cheerful in the office with a Holiday – Coconut & Lime – Reed Diffuser from To Be Calm! This delightful reed diffuser captures the fun on ‘holidays’ in the sun with a big vibrant fragrance of coconut and lime, putting together a lovely bold fragrance that creates a relaxed atmosphere. Liven up their office space with this invigorating reed diffuser that smells great and sets the tone for unforgettable memories made on holidays!

Send an Eu Yan Sang Gift Card to show appreciation towards senior HR professionals who have been growing alongside your organisation for many years! Boasting a selection of over 1,000 different types of Chinese herbs in stores, Eu Yan Sang is one of the top TCM health and wellness companies in Asia. As one of the best-stocked TCM retailers in the region, Eu Yan Sang‘s offerings include health foods, beverages, packaged tonic soups, and personal care products. An Eu Yan Sang Gift Card is a thoughtful wellness gift for employees!

The finance department is responsible for obtaining and handling any monies on behalf of the organisation. These employees control the company’s cash flow and ensure that the business runs smoothly with minimal disruptions. As a result, employees in the finance & support department need to have a keen eye for detail, as a small mistake can significantly impact a business and its operations. Here are some great employee appreciation gift ideas to keep them at the top of their game and nurture their ability to stay concentrated for a long time.

Being responsible for an entire organisation’s cash flow can be mentally draining and stressful for employees in Finance. Help these individuals destress with a 30-minute Anti-Stress Back Massage with Medium Pressure from Aramsa the Garden Spa! The perfect employee appreciation gift to help them stay at the top of their game! The 30-minute Anti-Stress Back Massage With Medium Pressure is a quick body fix to relieve any back pain or discomfort. With medium pressure applied in the treatment, the massage will improve blood circulation in the back area and relax the muscles for an improved range of motion, which helps them stay focused for prolonged hours!

Send the God of Fortune to bring luck and prosperity to your finance team! The God of Fortune Figurines gift set from The Chinese Wedding Shop consists of 5 adorable miniature figurines, great as a decorative piece for the home or office!

Facing numbers all day long can be a tedious process. Bring stimulation to their minds with a unique hands-on leather-crafting workshop from Crafune! In the Money Clip Workshop, they will get to personalise their money clip by debossing or hot-stamping initials, names, words, dates and even phrases. All tools and other materials will be provided, and at the end of the 3-hour workshop, they get to bring home their own creation! They will be exposed to the fundamentals of leather making with the basic knowledge of leather, different types of basic leather crafting tools, scoring, cutting & glueing of leather, saddle stitching, edge finishing & burnishing, cleaning and caring of leather. Put their attention to detail to the test and activate their brain’s right hemisphere with this creative workshop gift from Crafune!

Let the finance team enjoy a team bonding session with an interactive board game from TOYTAG! Put their mathematical problem-solving skills to the test with the Planet Board Game by Blue Orange. In this game, they will have to handle their continents wisely to form environments suitable for the apparition of animal life. Deploy mountain ranges and deserts, and spread out oceans and glaciers to create the most densely populated planet. The spark of life is about to jump from their hands to spread out into the world!

The OGAWA “Black Claw” Head Massager is the perfect appreciation gift for employees to alleviate tension headaches caused by stress! This flexible head spa massager features 84-point Silicon Rollers designed to knead powerfully and precisely without harming the scalp. With 4 rollers and 6 different modes to address common and uncommon aches, the Black Claw‘s 15-minute Scalp Healing sessions will ease any pain in no time. From a gentle shiatsu massage to relieve stress to a high-intensity mode to knead away the most persistent headaches, this portable massager is the most thoughtful appreciation gift for your employees in Finance!

The Giftano Gift Card is the most appreciated employee rewards card in Singapore. Suitable for employees across every department, the Giftano Gift Card enables your employees to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 200+ premium brands on the Giftano platform.


Giftano carries an extensive range of gifts from exquisite dining experiences to premium spa treatments, popular retail shopping gift cards to unique gift experiences, extravagant gift hampers to same-day flower deliveries, and many more!


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Your employees work hard for you, and amidst all the hustle, it is essential to give your employees recognition for the effort put into the work they produce. Be it a gift card, experience gift or physical gift item, these thoughtful employee appreciation gift ideas will surely keep your employees happy and motivated.

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The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

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