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19 Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Will Put To Use

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Between BTO balloting struggles and renovation headaches, you’ve been hearing loads about your friend’s new flat. And after years of waiting, they’ve finally achieved their dream space! Of course, much like any other homeowner would, they’re now throwing themselves a housewarming in celebration, complete with a written invitation for you.


To help you out, we’ve rounded up some housewarming gifts that will be appreciated and put to great use! Continue browsing below:

You know how some spaces just have certain smells? Like how your childhood home always smells like clothing softener, or how ION Orchard carries a floral scent? That’s right, scents affect how you experience a place and remember it. 


That said, your friend is unlikely to have found a signature scent for their home yet. Kick start their journey to find the right one with the Room Spray Bundle from Innerfyre Co. This little housewarming gift features 5 essential oil sprays with distinct scents to soothe, inspire and fill the home with positive vibes!


No home is ever complete without creature comforts, which is what makes OGAWA’s selection of massage chairs and fitness devices so great! 


If they’re a stickler for air quality, we highly recommend OGAWA’s “Airify” Air Purifier as a housewarming gift — this air filter has excellent antimicrobial properties and makes use of Germagic Technology to remove any indoor pollutants, especially the lingering ones after renovation.


Alternatively, you could surprise your friend with OGAWA’s “MySofa Luxe” because you know how stressful the move in was. The petite designer massage sofa comes with 6 suite massage programmes and a bluetooth connection to play ambient sounds for the ultimate relaxation.

A globe for the globetrotter’s house is far from surprising, but this one from Wild + Wolf elevates it to the next level. Styled in a beautiful Metallic Pewter, this gorgeous addition will be a centrepiece in any living room or home office. Plus, it has all the same features as a normal globe — your friend will be able to spin it around to find their next travel destination!

With the hectic move in, tableware and glassware is far from your friend’s priority. But now that it’s done and dusted, it’s as good a time as any to hook them up with Riedel’s premium selection of glassware as a housewarming gift!

If you’re grasping for straws at the last minute, flowers are the perfect go-to housewarming gift. Vibrant bouquets like this sunflower one or this blue and white arrangement can make the home a more welcoming space. They’re all available with same-day or next-day delivery too, so you’ll definitely make it in time to congratulate your loved ones on their new abode.


In the same vein as the room sprays, To Be Calm’s lineup of soothing scented candles and diffusers are excellent housewarming gifts too!


There are refreshing notes in The Beach Journey gift set while others like The Tea Collection boasts, as you guessed from the name, fragrant tea aromas. 

Perhaps their house is not quite there yet in terms of little quality of life gadgets, and that’s where the Best Denki Gift Card comes in! With this as a housewarming gift, your friend will be able to shop for anything from a new TV or soundbar, fridge, washing machine, and more.

If it’s a friend that loves hosting, this soda maker from Interstellar Goods will be a great companion. The carbonation device can operate without batteries or electricity, and can be used to add a tasty fizz to water, juices, iced tea, iced coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails and more!

Nothing compares to relaxing at home with a cuppa, and Pétale Tea offers great premium tea like White Peony White Tea (Bai Mu Dan), Lychee Black Tea, Peach Oolong Tea, Osmanthus Oolong Tea, and Milk Oolong Tea, that are filled with antioxidants and amino acids to boost health and improve immunity.

This bathroom set features 1 large towel and 1 small towel, both equally absorbent,  lightweight and quick-drying. Coupled with a lovely fishbone weave, it’s a practical and the perfect housewarming gift for friends who want to add a pop of colour to their bathroom!

Getting the home move-in ready takes a great deal of effort, to the point where styling is often overlooked. From prints to teapots, cake stands and more, Jezzroom Atelier has a plethora of elegant pieces that make great housewarming gifts, and even better masterpieces in any room, especially this gorgeous Royal White 2 Teacups & Saucers Gift Set and Golden Cutlery Set!

Breaking in the new bathroom with a well-earned soak sounds utterly divine, and this Housewarming Gift Box from MIRA comes with all the essentials. Featuring a Turkish Hand Towel, Pink Grapefruit Handcrafted Soap Bar, a Handpoured Soy Candle, an Essential Oil Room Spray with Rose, Orange and Ylang Ylang Oils and a White Shell-shaped Trinket Tray with a tea light candle, it’s the box to gift your friend for a well-deserved pampering session.

A new place calls for new tech gadgets to improve daily living! And so, it should come as no surprise that a Lazada Gift Card is a go-to choice for a housewarming gift. The online shopping marketplace offers a wide range of products from consumer electronics to furniture and household goods that your loved ones would put to great use!

Much like Lazada, TANGS features a broad array of household products, only this time with a focus on kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and home accessories, which your loved ones can shop for with a TANGS Gift Card.

From massagers to soda makers, bathroom sets and more, let your loved ones shop from over thousands of housewarming gifts offered by over hundreds of premium brands with the Giftano Gift Card!

If your friend loves filling their home with DIY knick-knacks, these workshops from Concrete Everything should be right up their alley. Under the guidance of professionals, they’ll learn how to use concrete to fashion one-of-a-kind home decor including clocks, coasters, lamps and planters.

For the friends who love hosting or karaoke in general, JBL’s speakers are a must-have. These speakers fill the room with stereo-sound, and are portable too, so your friend can enjoy the best performance anywhere in their new home.

As the symbolism of growth and change, plants are a great housewarming gift for friends who’re just now starting a new chapter in their lives, and, of course, nothing beats potting their own! With the Open Terrarium Workshop from The Green Capsule, your loved ones will be able to personalise their own elegant glass bowl and learn care tips from trained instructors.

After so much heavy lifting, it’s no surprise that your friend’s now suffering from severe muscle aches. Alleviate their pain with mobile spa treatments that they can receive right in their brand-new home from Aleyda Mobile Spa!

Whether it’s the first home or the fifth, moving is always going to be an overwhelming and tedious process. But with thoughtful housewarming gifts, you can help to ease them into their new abode. Shop more home spa treatments or stunning display pieces for the new home, only on

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The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

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