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16Personalities: ESFP Employee Gift Ideas

ESFP Personality Gift Ideas for Employees

You may have heard of 16Personalities and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and how each personality type holds a unique set of character traits, strengths & weaknesses. Getting to know your employees’ personality types on a deeper level helps you to understand what each individual needs to remain engaged and motivated in the workplace. 


Find out what character traits make up an Entertainer (ESFP) and find some incredible appreciation gift ideas for employees that fall under this personality type!

What is an Entertainer (ESFP) Personality Type?

Charismatic and outgoing, Entertainers (ESFP) are very social, free-spirited and fun-loving individuals who love being in the spotlight and take pleasure in discovering the unknown. They enjoy spending their time with a good group of friends, love vibrant experiences and live for each second without hesitation.


Chatty with a unique and earthy wit, Entertainers (ESFP) can make every outing feel like a party. As cheerful & outgoing as an Entertainer (ESFP) may be, they are conflict-averse and have a sensitive side that may make them vulnerable to criticism, rejection or failure.

How Do Employees with the Entertainer (ESFP) Personality Type Behave at A Workplace?

Entertainer (ESFP) employees are social, relaxed individuals who require autonomy, novelty, and, most importantly, human contact. These employees enjoy a flexible working environment with the freedom to explore their creativity.


Regardless of the role an Entertainer (ESFP) plays in the workplace, they all share a desire to make the environment as friendly and joyful as possible. These Entertainer (ESFP) employees can use their casual and outgoing demeanour to persuade others to participate in practical chores that they must complete.


Employees that fall under the ESFP personality type are excellent listeners, making them great negotiators, mediators and counsellors. Entertainer (ESFP) employees also have the innate ability to connect with others quickly, making them great team members and collaborators on projects.

Career Paths for Entertainer (ESFP) Personality Type

Entertainer (ESFP) employees excel in environments that allow them to have creative freedom. They also have a natural ability to respond with resourcefulness and passion when their help is badly needed.


with this personality type have a lot of creative energy, and many of them go on to have successful professions in music, fashion, photography and interior design. You are likely to find Entertainers (ESFP) as Cosmetologists, Fashion Designers, Chefs, Artists, Nurses, Animal Trainers or Paediatricians.

Gift Ideas for Employees with an Entertainer (ESFP) Personality Type

Entertainer (ESFP) employees are creative individuals who adore vibrant experiences and social gatherings. Aside from their outgoing nature, Entertainers (ESFP) are also known to have the strongest aesthetic sense among the 16 personalities. From personal grooming and outfits to home furnishing and more, Entertainers (ESFP) have an eye for fashion.


Here are some of the best gift ideas for employees with the ESFP personality type:

Known for their creativity and love for aesthetics, let Entertainer (ESFP) employees fuel their creativity while designing their own pottery display piece with a Wheel Throwing Experience gift! A creative pottery workshop specially designed for beginners, the Wheel Throwing Experience from Terra & Ember introduces them to the tactility of pottery clay and how to mould and transform it into a one-of-a-kind vessel.


With the aid of a dedicated instructor, they will learn the fundamental steps and techniques of wheel throwing in a 2.5-hour to 3-hour session. They will also get to bring home up to 2 unglazed bisque-fired ceramic pots from Terra & Ember‘s Wheel Throwing Experience to decorate their work desk or living space!

Treat these extroverted employees to a pizza party that they can share with their peers! Generously proportioned for up to 4 guests, the Pizza Al Metro and Bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine dining experience gift from Publico Ristorante is an excellent gift for employees to enjoy quality food over quality conversations.


The Pizza Al Metro and Bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine experience gift allows them to choose any 3 pizzas to create their table showpiece with a bottle of Prosecco, White or Red Wine to pair. Perfect for a casual hangout with vibrant music, friendly staff and a riverfront view.

Fuel your ESFP employee’s creativity with a leather-crafting workshop experience gift from Crafune! In this 3-hour creative workshop experience, they will get to craft and bring home a leather ID Card Lanyard and personalise their creation by debossing or hot-stamping initials, names, words, dates, and phrases.


Let them discover something new while acquiring the basic knowledge of leather crafting, learning about the different types of essential leather crafting tools and techniques.

Feed their curiosity and love for new experiences with a 3-Course Mystery Set Menu for 2 from NOX – Dine in the Dark! The perfect dining experience gift for ESFP employees to share with a loved one. Let these employees dive into an intriguing new world of mystery and sensation they have never experienced before at Singapore’s most unique restaurant.


Each 3-Course Mystery Set Menu features 12 beautiful dishes crafted from the finest ingredients by their Chef de Cuisine and his team. They will have an interactive dining experience served by visually impaired hosts and get to guess what they have eaten. The mystery menu is revealed at the end of the meal, completing a one-of-a-kind dining experience that they will never forget.

Entertainers (ESFP) have the strongest aesthetic sense among the 16 different personalities. Send these employees a ZALORA Gift Card to furnish their wardrobes with new outfits for the office! ZALORA offers endless style possibilities and an ever-expanding range of products to the most coveted international and local brands, a ZALORA Gift Card is a great appreciation gift for ESFP employees who take pride in their fashion sense.

Send an Entertainer (ESFP) employee on a fishing trip with other like-minded fishing enthusiasts with a Party Fishing at Southern Islands for 1 experience gift from My Fishing Frenzy! Let them sail to Singapore’s Southern Islands on a private yacht and fish in the largest local coral reef system under the guidance of fishing instructors. This 6-hour fishing trip is a great experience gift for these inquisitive extroverts to discover new places that you can’t get to on foot!

Freedom is the best thing you can give to an Entertainer (ESFP) employee. From personal grooming experiences to creative workshops, give ESFP employees the freedom and flexibility to choose their own gift! The Giftano Gift Card is a gift that is suitable for all employees of different personality types. The Giftano Gift Card enables your employees to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 250+ premium brands on the Giftano website.


Giftano carries an extensive range of gifts from exquisite dining experiences to premium spa treatments, popular retail shopping gift cards to unique gift experiences, extravagant gift hampers to same-day flower deliveries, and many more!


Purchase the Giftano Gift Card in bulk for your employees here.

Your employees work hard for you, and amidst all the hustle, it is important to show appreciation towards your employees and recognise the effort put into the work that they produce. Be it a gift card, experience gift or physical gift item, we hope that these gift ideas for ESFP employees will have a positive impact on your team.

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The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

The Giftano Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. 

The Giftano Gift Card enables your recipient to redeem any gift of their choice through a selection of over 1000+ gifts offered by over 150+  premium brands on the Giftano website.

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